How to Mow Tall Weeds – Billly Goat Outback Brush Cutter Review

In this video, home renovation brothers Dave and Rich show you how to mow tall weeds and review the Billy Goat Outback Brush Cutter.

This machine weighs about 275 pounds and is quite awesome at mowing down dense weeds of any height.

We recently purchased farm land. We needed to mow thick weeds that were over 6 feet tall to create a grass road from the entry road to the the back portion of the farm.

We are also clearing land that will hopefully be used by our local humane society to exercise and train their shelter dogs.

The Billy Goat Outback Brush Cutter isn’t too difficult to use, but the blade is only 24 inches and it doesn’t move very fast through tall brush. However, it does a great job of taking down the weeds.

To start it, flip the switch to the on position. Pull out the choke. Pull the starter cord. Put it into the gear you want, reverse, neutral, first, second or third.

At the beginning you should try first or second gear. When you get the feel for the handling of it, use 3rd gear to go as fast as possible.

Press the lever on the left handle to engage the blade. Press the lever on the right handle to get into gear and move the machine.

Sometimes you will miss cutting some of the weeds, they might bend down by the front bar. Just go back over those for a nice cut.

Use caution when going into reverse, especially if you have uneven terrain.

If the machine gets stuck, go back and forth between reverse and first gear. You should be able to get out of the hold because the tires are pretty big and offer good traction.

This machine and trailer cost us just a bit over $100 for a 24 hour rental.

Depending on the amount of land you need to clear, this is a great option, because it is affordable.

If you have a very large area to clear, maybe rent a tractor. In our area this cost $300 per day.

Hope this helps!

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