How to cut brush & saplings with weedeater–see a Stihl FS-90 and Renegade Blade in action

Stihl FS 90 with renegade blade cuts through brush and tree branches like a knife through butter. This blade cuts through tree branches faster than my chainsaws. Traditional loppers have their place, but I need to clear over a mile of fence line and this is the perfect solution to speed up the process. This is dangerous; so, make sure you use appropriate protective gear if you try this!


Road Sawyer says:

that works well

Green Minds Landscaping says:

What string trimmer out these three do you like the most? The Stihl FS90R, the Husqvarna 128LD, or the Echo SRM230?

IxIxIxI says:

get a chainsaw xD

Matt Moorhead says:

My god that cuts great. Liking your content man.

Joshua Schofield says:

maybe tie a very short lanyard from the back of the trimmer to your wrist or belt. that way the blade can’t come back at you if it slips out of your hands. It will tumble away from you.

Ed James says:

I subscribed to your channel please subscribe to mine

ssgharkness020147 says:

There’s a reason STIHL instructs people to not operate a brush blade above waist level and only sells brush blade kits for handlebar trimmers. This is beyond dangerous. IF… And it’s a big if someone were to want to do this you should least buy the brush blade kit from STIHL, use the limit stop and lock but provided in that kit. Judging by how the nut torqued down in this video there wasn’t even a lock nut used, which is only amplifying the dangers demonstrated in this video. I’ll keep using my Silky saws for above my head and keep my FS550 on the ground where it belongs.

Michael MacGyver says:

great video as always. not only do you have a new use for a good tool but you’re ready for zombies too 🙂

Alberto Rodriguez says:

great video very detailed…I just bought a pair on amazon for my husqvarna 128LD…….I just purchased land here in Alaska and my property looks…
want to clear all the thick brush before I start taking down some trees then I’ll have to rent a backhoe..or a dozer.
but these blades look great

Jeremy Johnston says:

Good video, although I’d reccommend a pole saw for tree limbing. It’s extremely dangerous to operate a chainsaw or weed wacker above waist level!

Krishnakumar Reddy says:

Can you suggest a good weed utter how would you rate still which country is the make what all accessories it can be used. Mkkreddy

Yes Sure says:

It is dangerous? so why was your face shield open?

steven keller says:

that is a hell of a good blade now it’s teal also sells a chainsaw head that will go on the end of your little Tremor there and it works wonders for cutting heads limbs in a fence row you can also get the actual pole saw that has the chainsaw head on it and extends out to like 12 foot they are magnificent for that kind of work

A.L.L. Firewood says:

It’s probably hedge apple not locust

P0tat07 says:

I much prefer this over a pole type chainsaw. You don’t have to lubricate the bar/chain, you don’t have to adjust tension, etc. with a saw blade you can just give it a good swing and easily cut through brush and even thick branches. Sharpeneing the carbide blades is a different story. You’d still need some sort of sharpening jig/ guide for both.

Terry Marshall says:

Vary nice.

Kenny C says:

Because of your video I just bought a 2 pack of these blades on eBay!

Lewie McNeely says:

I had an 85 Stihl with the handlebars with a 12 inch carbide blade and it was the most dangerous thing on earth BUT it would cut anything up to 5 inches before you could blink! Cutting chunks off brush would beat your shins off. I’ve got the same thing with a 7 1/4 inch blade that works fine. And a Fred Marvin trimming setup (2-5 foot poles) with a 6 foot extension and a Workz electric chain saw and a foot switch. That takes care of the limbs and if it’s any bigger I farm it out.

outdoorsman310 says:

Wow that looks far superior to the 80 tooth Echo blade I have been using! tThose carbide tips should last a long time. Carbide (probably tungsten carbide) has a much higher cutting speed than steel and is far more abrasion resistant, but it is very hard and brittle so be careful with rocks and such. It is also a good idea to get a metal guard and change the gear head grease.

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