Honda UMK425U 25cc 4-Stroke Brushcutter String Trimmer Line Trimmer Startup Cold Start Revving Sound

My Honda UMK425U 25cc 4-Stroke Brushcutter.


camalus reiyetsi says:

please need help my 7month UMK 425 stalls when accelerated after a good five minute warm up, hope somebody in here can help out.

John Thomas says:

and the best part is that it only weighs 50lbs

Sri Wahyuni says:


nateme m says:

Sexy sexy Honda! This baby never dies.

Jacob Ditmer says:

but I have new troy bilt tb685ec with the straight and with the jump start technology. the jump start technology is awesome, it also has a split shaft assembly i like.

Amy Hintze says:

my son loves honda cause they always start on one pull

Orlando Furtado Lopes says:

Eu tenho uma dessa, muito boa.

TheFamilyguy421 says:


Ravi Bhagwatkar says:

Price pl

Jacob Ditmer says:

honda please make a split shaft assembly

ugly nigga says:

cbr 1000 respol ed

SeaBeagal says:

That sounds like my neighbors Civic.

Mike Rich says:

I have the same engine on a water pump

Graeme Powell says:

What is the problem of this when i pull the engine it will stopped when it is heat…give me some advice plsss.

Bacon Strips says:

it sounds like an XR50 w/o mods!

ns671fr says:

I sold mine new. 2 stroke > 4 Stroke.

bodee beatty says:

I read a professional saying that it is underpowered compared to a 2 stroke. He favoured the Tanaka. Noisier but more efficient and has a quick start. Have you tried any of the competitors and really compared their work effectiveness?

Jacob Ditmer says:

you should get a honda versatool multi

Karin Koobs says:


Jacob Ditmer says:

honda please make a split shaft assembly

douro20 says:

The American version is the HHB25S…and it’s actually made in the US.

bestoftherest7 says:

I have it. honda the power of dreams… respect for this beautiful video

camalus reiyetsi says:

Please need help again on the same unit, this time my unit cannot start due to fuel not reaching the carburetor, I’ve already replaced the priming bulb but still no fuel sucked.

Troy Morris says:

Thank you for showing the procedure for cold start. Very good tutorial, from start to finish

ga2up says:

Loved the video and nice trimmer!

Bapi Dhali says:

how can your podcok Kolktta avail, marketing prices why

TheFamilyguy421 says:

I have a McCulloch trimmer. I spend 30-45 minutes every time trying got get the thing to start. This looks like an amazing quality trimmer.

Jason McMillan says:

VTEC kicked in yo……..

MartyMartin87 says:

too much oil, dude!

Marcos Preventista says:

hola tengo una umk 435 despues de usarla casi tres horas ,descansando cada media hora,y sin esforzarla tantoempieza a fallar,como cuando queda sin nafta,bombeo un poco antes de que se pare y levanta revoluciones ,la uso diez segundos aprox y se viene abajo de vuelta,todo los mantenimientos estan bien,podria ser bujia?yo recuerdo haberla cambiado y no estoy seguro q sea la que vos decis aca,podria ser esa la falla?

The Dollar Guy says:

I gave up on the 2 stroke 24 pull start pig and got one of these instead. Blood pressure is much lower now.

Ian Oliver says:

My dad has a honda trimmer that is 10+ years and it still starts with just 1-2 pulls

Jacob Ditmer says:

I didn’t know that they multi tool trimmer

Tztok-Jad95 says:

Sounds like a civic

Anthony Johnson says:


Jon Graves says:


gaddam ramu says:


Bria Mayberry says:

, of

Dixie Pangonis says:

How reliable is the oiling system??
Does it operate in all cutting positions with starving for oil?.
How about hydraulic locking the piston??
Good luck.

discodonal says:

Any problems with the Honda Strimmer it the Blower since you got them ? Thanks for the videos

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