Harbor Freight Brush Mower Item 61623 ~ Product Review and Follow Up

Product review of the Harbor Freight Brush Mower Item 61623. BLUF ~ I suggest that you pass on this product as it’s currently being shipped (November 2016). It shows a lot of potential, and could be a great value once those issues are resolved. Watch the video to find out what those issues are… and my recommendations to fix those issues.

Below is my initial evaluation of the mower and what I experienced on first use.

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Joshua79C C says:

Its designs like this priced cheaply are why DR makes such a great product in comparison to its competition along with being priced right for their equipment. I’ve seen swisher and others, for less or more with sub par quality to those low/high prices. If i seen this originally when it was offered (not currently in catalog) and I would not have bothered to buy and test it like a guinea pig such as someone like yourself.
I would have gone so far as to make a video with the pics from their catalog and pointed out their design flaws such as the chute cut out from the same piece of steel as the cover, coupling this to the engine like they did is a big fat NO for what you found out yourself and why DR goes with pulley system for safety. Not to also mention the loosening of bolts, but also due to the shaft drive which does not allow the switching out of other attachments like DR.
Thanks for being a guinea pig for the rest of us and waiting your money on something clearly not deigned right from the start. I am going to stick with equipment clearly designed properly and price properly with more versatility in its over all design implementation, I am no expert but I can see good quality and this crap piece of half thought out pocket robbery of design that is not worth a penny they spend to try and sell so someone with a full capacity brain who can clearly see through poor design and quality. I Never like HF from the time I first saw their ads for CHEAP priced and just as CHEAP quality items.
If you value your money and the tools you buy, Do Not Buy From Them.

End Rant

nastynate.2015 says:

spend the money on a dr walk behind way better machine

4godliv says:

honest review. hope Harbor Freight makes amends

John Schneidmiller says:

Great review — I have been thinking of getting one of these but now think I’ll wait awhile to see if HF address these issues .

Love2boat92 says:

It looks like a pretty well built machine. The transmission looks like it’s pretty heavy built and so does the gear box. Maybe you could find a blade that swings away like the expensive mowers have? That bolt holding the blade loosening up is a major safety hazzard. I wouldn’t use it. I’m surprised they were able to sell it in the U.S. We will not be buying this until I see another video on YouTube with all these problems fixed. Sorry you had to find out. Thanks for making this video. I really appreciate it.

Palmetto Paratrooper says:

Sounds to me like Harbor Freight saw your video and called you to fill your ears with excuses.

James Seymour says:

It seems they have removed this product from their catalog. It will be interesting to see if it returns to inventory at some point.

I was wondering larger diameter tires might solve a few of the clearance problems.

Douglas Wolferman says:

Harbor Freight. Buy cheap, get cheap.

Debra Forest says:

Thank you for the information. My issue is that Harbor Freight had published this as a sale item 2 months in a row. I ordered it, and they cancelled my order without contacting me. After calling the company and the corporate office I was told that they would order me one, and that I could get the sale price. Liars. They again cancelled my order because they could not get it from the manufacturer. After seeing you videos, I understand that they must be their own manufacturer and that the product terrible? They should have been honest with me. Also, I can not believe that they would put it in their flyer again. Thanks for your information. The positive side is that I am happy that I did not order and receive a piece of junk. Even crap is not worth a sale price!

Copper Creek Cuts says:

Sorry if you addressed this somewhere (I am returning to this video by chance after watching it many months ago), but what was their original asking price for the bush hog? Thanks!

snowrocket says:

I just got done renting a Billy Goat 26″ Outback Hydro walk behind brush cutter from Home Depot for a day. Overall a great machine for what it’s meant to do. I had no reliability issues at all, and it worked as well when I returned it as when I picked it up. I hit several hidden rocks, stumps, and discarded pieces of firewood. At most I put a few minor dents in the blade. I think a side discharge on the deck, like on your Harbor Freight unit, is one improvement that Billy Goat could make. Also, I occasionally encountered bushes/saplings that it simply would try to climb, but not cut.
I repair outdoor power equipment, and occasionally weld and fabricate some things. I think I could probably make a similar brush cutter that is better than what is out there. One big key to success with these machines: thick steel and big parts. You WILL hit hidden stuff under that brush so the machine has GOT to be able to take a beating.

Doug Chaney says:

So in OTHER words this uit SUCKS if you have rocks and thicker trunks you might frequently hit ….shich means for ME it SUCKS and I can not consider it ….I have PLENTY enough troubles already without signing up for MORE….you know???

OzarksTactical Homesteading says:

I am happy to report that HF has made this right. Everyone I spoke with was polite, responsive, and seemed to genuinely be interested in my issues and input as to how the product can/could be made better. This product has a lot of potential, especially for the price, but the product needs to be better refined and or tested in real world applications i.e. uneven ground, ground that would be overgrown with brush, weeds and wild grasses.

Delete This says:

have you had this thing running since your last video where you had the machine
laying on its side ? when you do that the cylinder will fill with crank case oil and the engine
will never start. it wets the spark plug. as for the gear oil just use GL5 80/90 gear oil.
it has the consistency of 30wt oil and flows good. as long as you have oil in there you
are ok. but you can run it till it is warm and then drain the gearboxes and you might
drain a blend of grease and oil. i have a 6.5 hp lawn mower. i cut the front snout off
of it from side to side exposing the blade which is the same as your brush mower blade
btw. this thing is amazing and cuts up to 1/2 inch thick brush and tall weeds. i modified
it to accept 12 inch wheels for better rolling thru shit. less pushing effort. shalome

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