Gravely Brush Cutter


Aan Witwicky says:

*_We have only used this mower a couple of times, but it starts right up immediately.==>_****_  It will probably take you an hour to put the loose parts together. Have plenty of sockets, open ends and vice grips at the ready. Pliers and screwdrivers to pry and line things up help as well. We found the steering column a bit hard to press into the receiving area. Make sure you have the lower cowling and foam padding lined up right before putting it in. I bet you couldn’t pull it back out. Line the screw holes up, too. The very first startup was very smoky and we were inside a garage enclosure with the door open. Take it outside! We have a large strong fan and it took a while to clear the smoke out. Getting the mower off the pallet it comes on/in took the aid of a two wheeler “dolly” hand truck. Put it in neutral, raise the rear up with the dolly and push. The wheels are lowered into the pallet and have to ride over a 3/4″ board with no “rocking” room to get it started rolling. I had read that the gear shift knob comes off. It is a hardened rubber that is just pressed on. The glue “Goop” that I used to try to get it to stay on better didn’t work. We may have to drill a hole if the steel rod is not too hardened to drill. And screw the knob on at the base of the knob. I think I will try Gorrilla Glue or JB Weld Epoxy._*

SD Customs says:

I’m sorry Gravely, but all that can do is brush hog, what ever happened to your machines that could do anything with the correct implement?

stumpy says:

They just look hard to handle

Dyl Wallace says:

You can do that with a gravely zero turn

TheSoloAsylum says:

I have a 60’s Gravely brush mower that I will put up against any new walk behind mower you can buy at any price.

rwgeach says:

weak demo, everybody just uses tractor attachments for that landscape. show the guy clearing brush on a 60% slope so we can see if he tips over with those tiny little wheels.

D Eeff says:

Didnt quite catch the name ! .

Bogdan says:

You are mowing a very dry vegetation. That is the easiest vegetation to mow. So this video doesn’t tell whether this mower can be efficient when mowing a dense green vegetation.

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