Full Review: Husqvarna 224L/324L 4-Cycle Trimmer

Nice review of this Honda-powered Husqvarna 224L.If you bought one because of this review please comment below!Here is a link to the trimmer used in the video-https://goo.gl/KV3Ga4 The line I use/prefer on amazon http://goo.gl/H4Z7kR.


Ron McCall says:

Can you use it to edge the sidewalk and driveway?

LR Wilson says:

This was a great review! It helped me narrow down my selection of trimmers and I went on a purchased the 224L. Thanks for making the video. Keep up the good work.

Alejandro Amoeiro says:

Great review.. thank you.. I need to buy as soon as possible a trimmer… I was thinking about the Honda GX35… do think this Husqvarna is a better option? Thank you

FishFind3000 says:

The fs90 uses 2 stroke gas for lubrication so it doesn’t need a few extra lbs of oil in the engine. 4 stroke performance 2 stroke weight. That’s the science behind it.

Yak Shim says:

I have the same one for 3 years it still works it is one kind of a trimmer

Dar El Barka says:

After watching your video, i went a head and bought this trimmer. Do you know if i can attach a bruchcutter, dethatcher heads?

Ousama Abdu says:

Man, that was an awesome review.!

manjunk427 says:

do you break these engine in?

big hoss says:

well if you ride dirt bikes you know Honda is not that clean

SuperDave21 says:

Great video man…. how much did you give for this trimmer? How available are they? I’ve never seen one in any of the shops I’m in… Thanks for the video!

John Lillyblad says:

Does it work well for edging?

Lights-Guns-Outdoors says:

hey man. are these shafts the same? I need a head for the 224L, and they have the T25 and T35 replacement parts at Lowe’s made by Husqvarna, but the only model not listed is the 224L. there are a bunch listed on each pack.

Trevor James says:

Because of your video I will be buying this unit , Trinidad & Tobago , West Indies .

3finger10 says:

I need a new weed eater and you just sold me on this one. Very good review. Thanks……..

IHcubcadet says:

Thanks for a great review man! I have been using a 4stroke Makita for about 8years now. I am starting to think about looking for a replacement because she is getting a little worn out. But the Makita is almost impossible to find and extremely expensive. The honda trimmer weighs in at 13lbs, kinda heavy. But this seems to fit the bill. A little over 11lbs and honda motor, I am sold. Nice to see such a detailed review video. Thanks

T Hoang says:

After seeing your video I went out and got one and without a doubt it is one the best trimmer I have ever used. It’s light but strong and powerful. You have complete control of the throttle from 0-100. That Honda engine is amazing and everything on this trimmer I can tell was made to last. It’s so balance! Thank you for the video. I have to try out Husqvarna line of chainsaw now lol.

Henry Tauch says:

I don’t like trimmer that have too much noise but I do like this husqvarnna

norman butler says:

Husqvama 125rj

GPMAX01 says:

What is the difference between this and the 324L?

unitedfireybride says:

I bought mine in 2012 and love it. No oil and gas mix. My wife didn’t want me to spend that kind of money to get it. My only cheap option for a straight gas model was a MDT made one, which I refuse to buy MDT products. She told me I should just but a cheaper Stihl and buy pre-mix gas. I told her I refuse to buy gas at $28 a gallon. Let me buy my Husqvarna 224L and using straight gas will pay itself off. She finally gave in.

However, don’t forget to change the oil in it. Husqvarna recommends 10w40 and Honda recommends 10w30 for the same engine.

Feri Jolani says:

Do you need to pull thread out when get s short


does it have plenty of power?

James Webster says:

nice trimmer

Henry Tauch says:

I really like this weed eater I’ll get one to play with even though I already had 4 . Thanks T Hoang

Joshua Cooper says:

gonna have to get one of these, I’ve never seen a trimmer start that easy

Verlis Guinn says:

Does the new model (324L) have the Honda motor on it?

Edwin Wilkerson says:

reduce the video to 5 minutes………..extremely boring…way too much information

Tommie Beebe says:


kierankay100 says:

i end up going home smelling like grass ahah but i know what you mean

mega simtim says:

no protection no belt holding trimmer …try work 8 hours and in sandy grass

TrucksCBSales says:

looking to buy a trimmer today! I think you sold me on this one. I got a nasty fence line to maintain. what line did you use?

Tony Fernandez says:

Impressive machine, I just got one via Ebay and it’s leaking oil right out of the box, maybe bad luck for me. Hoping it’s an easy fix or I’m out of $350!

Gabriel S. says:

the new 2 strokes have a catalytic converter and the exhaust doesn’t smell as bad.

homer leadbucket says:

I own the same trimmer and your right about the power i won’t own another 2 cycle after using this one.
the power is awesome.

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