FS 560 C-EM Overview and thoughts

Not something that comes through the shop often, or ever, so I jumped at the chance to grab one and go over it. The biggest brushcutter Stihl makes, 3.8 HP, three times my FS 90R. It’s loud as shit, sounds just like a big chainsaw. Not able to actually demonstrate it cutting, but this little video is better than nothing.


Zeljko Lipovac says:

I bought new Husqvarna 555rxt brushcutter a couple a weeks ago,same horse power as Stihl 560cem.Now I am waiting for grass to grow 🙂

Jake says:

First time you hit a rock with the circular saw blade it dulls and becomes pretty useless. I ordered a brush knife attachment and have much higher hopes.

Shane Chipman says:

I run this saw daily, there’s not much that gets in my way.

citic101 says:

HI …. i would like to start a gardening business and what sthil brush cutter should i get for general backyard work , i would like the brushcutter to be rugged and last … thanks

Response166 says:

You said it, monster. Very nice.

WD says:

I just used my new Sthil fs 560 with chisel blade and brush knife yesterday and it is an unstoppable beast. Well worth it. Very happy with my purchase. Make sure harness is snug and then it is easy to handle. Lot easier and more practical than lugging around a chainsaw. Could use a cup holder though.

Josip Vrbanec says:

looks like minigun:-)

AntoniusRome says:

I’ve got some land that needs clearing so I’m grabbing one of those, but you’re right, not many video’s of that machine out there so thanks for the overview pal.

new Holland says:

can u put the line on that one ?

AdamMargie4ever says:

LoL. this was a cool ass video and funny to! But great information as well not sugar coated either like most videos ! How does it do handling growing Russian Thistle (tumble weeds) Does it wrap around the neck of the cutter?

Phillip Kramer says:

How much is that and is it the biggest one available? Also do they make a polesaw with that powerhead? Thanks

Jesse Cantrell says:

Do you have a Husqvarna dealer near you? Can you do a demo of the 555FX clearing saw?

eric breb says:

hi from france
i came here with my poor english because not a lot of this fs 560 on youtube

do you think is no to big for a no profressional use

i have an old fs44 but she don’t have enought power

Mr. Cut Lawn Care, LLC says:

That thing is a beast!

Sean Starkey says:

I was a professional scrub cutter here in New Zealand for a few years…
My cutter was an early model, an FZ410AV which was about 3 or 4HP.
I worked it real hard for 9 years and it only stopped because of the electrics is out of date and too expensive to replace.
Otherwise it would still be good to go!
So the first thing is the 8 inch chainsaw blades suck! Useless!
I reinforced the head with a 5mm metal plate and put 10 inch tungsten tooth blades with 12 teeth.
The trick is to not have the teeth perfectly in line but staggered with a 2mm offset…
The reason is a in-line blade will jamb more often if perfectly in-line.
The blades must be professionally balanced otherwise you will get white-finger from the vibration plus it will wear out the head real fast.
The other point is that I used it with no guard.. so it is not wise to cut downhill because if you slip.. your feet will be heading towards the blade.
I could cut about 7 inches into a tree… so to cut down a tree of one foot thick was fast and easy.
Way faster than a chain saw.
I could cut three small trees before the first one hit the ground..
I could then cut the trees into pieces, also way faster than I could with a chainsaw..

Absolutely a must!
wear face protection mesh guard! the best you can buy because eye protection fogs up and is more dangerous if you cannot see!

Strap on spikes on steel caped boots (not plastic caps!)
Slipping toward the spinning blade is the biggest danger by far..
and tungsten is ruthless…

After 6 hours work stop for the day, 8 hours is too much and you get sloppy and dangerous.
The full harness is good, but you can do more high cuts with a shoulder strap.
Good for when you need to cut in access when battling thick scrub..

I used to always maintain the machine after 6 hours

Super clean the machine everyday..
check and for wear and loose bolts everyday (Lock tight)

and last, get the machine serviced correctly.

My FZ410AV was a beast!
It made me a good amount of money when I was a young fit man 🙂

Jesse Cantrell says:

The stihl FS 550 was a legend

WD says:

Thanks for the video. I just purchased a FS560ec-m today…. Because we have so many rattle snakes and copperheads on our property I chose this over a chainsaw to keep my hands and arms further away from the ground while clearing brush and small trees.

Mike Bishop says:

dud. let’s go cut some shit.

Bulldog453 says:

i have sold a few of these to blm and a couple other forestry companys around my area. they usuall buy 3 or 4 at a time lol

KoalaLumpUhr says:

On the “M”-Models, you have to let them run in IDLE for 10-20 Seconds to let it adjust itself! If you don’t – like shown @5:00 – and pull the trigger, it will not run properly (you can hear it like it is almost choking and does not reach highest RPM).

Jesse Cantrell says:

what year did this monster come out?

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