Ego Trimmer vs Stihl Trimmer vs Tall Grass

I put the Ego Cordless 56v Trimmer up against the Stihl FS 56 Gas Trimmer to see which would eat tall grass the best.

When comparing an electric trimmer vs gas trimmer you have to ignore the noise. We have the tendency to equate volume with power, when really both handled the tall grass cutting the same.

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The Yard Freako says:

Had a two stroke weed eater in high school for my lawn care business. Man that thing was loud and smelly. Electric is soo much nicer on almost every front. I’ll never go back.

Blue Grass King says:

and I thought it was going to be a no contest…i’m very surprised

dwaynecarlin says:

What about pro vers con when it comes to attachment?

Khanh B says:

The ego only has a split shaft to take up less shelf space at the store. It wasnt meant to fold up once setup at home.

Hilbert Eichel The Unteroffizier says:

For commercial use go for the Greenworks 82v

Big Daddy says:

My Dewalt 20v did the same thing with no problems

Aych Morgan says:

battery tech is definitely making respectable equipment…

Michael Mohr says:

I have the same Stihl. I love it and even better I picked mine up for $160 a couple years ago. Starts first pull every time.

Toby Howard says:

Decent review on the power (no pun intended) comparison. Makes sense. A different variable that would have been important to test as a part of the review analysis would have been to compare how long of life, whether it be a tank of fuel or a battery charge, the trimmers would last versus one another. To me, that is an important factor. My 2 cycle trimmer lasts much longer on a tank of fuel versus the battery life of a battery powered trimmer. Overall, good review, though> I just feel more variables should be included for it to be considered an official comparison/review?

OneLove Lawn says:

Man I am digging the ego you used great video once again

Timothy Pierce says:

Gotta love the instant torque of electric motors. Get the same effect from my electric car. Which is also very quiet 😛

Lithium Man says:

I have the Ego trimmer. It works really good and I plan on using it for commercial use next spring. However yard force just came out with 120v trimmer. That thing is a monster!!!

Brandon Bailey says:

What else to consider is someone can’t come borrow your two stroke and dump straight gas in it and blow your motor I suppose. Plus if there’s someone you don’t want using it you can lock the battery up and the only way it could be used would be if they were willing to purchase you another high dollar battery. Also cut down on theft cause the tool without the battery is only half the investment. But also got to consider reinvestment in the battery every 5 years most likely even with light use. Gas you don’t have that unless you leave gas in it to gunk up.

David Wilson says:

I like the battery operated one also like my gas powered but is to loud

mike hunt says:

and in 2 years the battery will suck and need replaced. two stroke all the way!

drew0357 says:

What is the run time on the battery
And can u change the head on it to a aftermarket one
Great video

Wayne Essar says:

Oooooo, a field test!

Andrew P. says:

How long does the battery seem to last on that E-Go if you were trimming a whole property?

Al A says:

Well i have a sthil km 94 r which is amazing

Andrew Burris says:

What kind of trimmer line did both of them have?

Rooster says:

The battery that is supplied with the 12″ model EGO trimmer gives me about 35 to 40 minutes of steady working time in dense tall fescue. It will recharge in less than that and I have a spare battery of same size, so it is even quicer than refueling a gasser. I have larger EGO gatteries too for mower and snow blower and they will last a long time, but are heavier. However, in raw performance the EGO is no match for my commercial Red Max. Red Max for the tough stuff and EGO for lawn work.


SolarizeYourLife says:

I really like the ego, I can do weeds and all grass lawn in two charges, and use solar to charge battery! Don’t need mower…

D. Gentry says:

Nice video and funny also, never seen a lawn care guy trim the tall stuff like that, step over into it instead of leaning and reaching get into your work the itchy stuff goes away after a bit lol

Shelley Shell says:

On the Ego trimmer is it a self feed line, or do you have to “bump” it? Also, approximately how much does the Ego weigh?

Eric Hammond says:

Whats the average cost of the Ego? wow, i’ve been a LOYAL Stihl customer for over 25yrs but that Ego is looking good!

Plato Dimitriadis says:

Bought the EGO ST1502SF 15″. Love that it’s quiet. Used it 3 times already and the battery indicator is still Green. Quiet, but I think it needs a bigger cover so everything doesn’t fly up on you! Extra battery is 129.00 at HD but the whole unit with battery was 149.00. For an extra 20 bucks you get a string trimmer. Was thinking about it.

andyhello23 says:

I agree, for the home user, battery powered strimmers are powerful enough.

The brushless ones today, are far quieter too, and you can choose from many makes.

indigoridge says:

I am sold

Ed James says:

I say the still has .095 line can cut thicker weeds down

oetken007 says:

Why not comparing the battery equivalent from Stiehl with the Ego?

Charlton ayala says:

Good stuff Grass daddy!! Looking at the Ego or milwaukee trimmer.

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