Echo SRM420TESU Brush Cutter Review, Grass Wrapping Around Gear Head

This video forms part of a review of the Echo SRM420TESU bicycle handle brush cutter. Click to see the full review,


walter sequeira says:

Queres algo que no se trabe agarra un helicóptero dalo vuelta y corta el pasto todas las maquinas se traban

James Steele says:

It’s your blade not fitting that machine not that machines design it works fine with all oem blades

ns671fr says:

all you need is .155 whip and this is done easy. where I’m from heavy duty brush cutters are mandatory. I’ve done worse than that with .130 whip. your technique can be improved as well.

eduardtibet says:

I suggest here are some misunderstandings about the appropriate blade type. Also, to be honest, you sell some blades (your own construction), so you can’t be absolutely uninfluenced.

Dan Henderson says:

Anton, the gear head is hot because of the friction of the grass being wrapped up in the head and spun around… It has nothing to do with the machine, they all do that. A simple modification of your technique solves this in seconds.
Cut from the top down on anything taller than approx 12″

We cut acres of tough weeds in Ca USA. weeds as tall as 30″ . Never have weed wrap issues with experienced operators.

Also, you scare me when you get your hand near the blade while the machine is running.

walter sequeira says:

una es el mal uso otra es el disco de corte que tiene en sthil pasa lo mismo

MaximusStimulus says:

I say ol chap……..try a bit of a technique change………..pip pip ah wot ! !

maximpulse says:

Wow! Being able to clear away the bound up grass with your setup is wonderful. 
So often mediocre products persist because the “race to the bottom” over price/profits.  Obviously that ignores the cost of wasted time to the customer when they have to spend so much time unclogging their machines.

Israel Parent says:

Is he cleaning it will the motor is running?. Moron.. I lost a finger that way.

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