DEWALT FlexVolt 60V String Trimmer Review – DCST970X1

Price the Dewalt FlexVolt String Trimmer on Amazon:
DEWALT FlexVolt OPE – DEWALT 60V FlexVolt tools hit the market with a promise to provide the power, runtime and durability for professional use. DEWALT followed up the professional construction tools with outdoor power equipment. Battery operated outdoor tools have become very popular as they become more powerful with longer runtime. With battery power becoming a more viable option for many homeowners, the thought of storing gasoline in the garage is becoming obsolete. String trimmers and blowers are the first to be migrated over to battery power with hedge trimmers and chainsaws following up.
DCST970X1 Features

Gear drive design powers through tough overgrowth
High-efficiency brushless motor maximizes run time and motor life
15″ cutting swath with 0.080″ line (also accepts 0.095″)
Variable speed trigger with Hi/Lo speed control for added power or extended run time
Lightweight and ergonomic design maximizes control and minimizes stress on your arms
Designed to withstand everyday heavy-duty usage
3 Year Limited Warranty – 1 Year Full Warranty – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
60 Volt Market

The DEWALT FlexVolt 60 volt platform will not keep up with the 56, 58 or 60 volt outdoor power equipment platforms. The FlexVolt platform does not outperform the DEWALT 40 volt line! The reason is simple. The FlexVolt platform in the 60 volt state is a 1P battery pack. Almost all the other brands who boast about long runtimes and high power run a 2P or 3P battery pack. Those battery packs have two to three times the amount of cells in them to provide the motors with a lot of power.
Almost all battery operated string trimmers come with .080″ dual line. In most cases, our first suggestion is to upgrade to a .095″ line, but in this case, we recommend that a high grade .080″ line replace the stock line. It was clear the first time the string hit the grass that the gearing used to produce the power and speed was doing its job. This unit has an rpm of 6,600 on high, still slightly less than most gas trimmers. But it had no issue keeping the line speed up and tearing through grass and weeds. But when pushed, there is not a lot of torque allowing the RPM to drop. When using .095″ line, the lack of torque to keep the RPM’s up is more evident.
Gas Replacement

Will any of the current battery powered units be a gas replacement? No, and that answer is no because they all have limitations due to run time and attachments. With that said, if someone wanted just a string trimmer, this unit can be put in as a quality gas replacement due to the power and battery life. Even in a commercial setting, a single battery will last for most jobs and be able to charge while on the road to the next job.

While this might be one of the more expensive units, we believe that it is worth the cost as it will compete with the gas trimmers in the same price range. This unit took all the abuse we threw at it and never once stopped due to a motor or battery over heat. We am thrilled with it’s performance and will continue to use this trimmer to see how long the unit and battery will last under our abuse.


Ob Fuscated says:

Excellet, accurate review! I bought the 60V for commonality with my flexvolt chainsaws (60V and 20V), drill and impact. Works fine for basic homeowner use. I bought the chain saws because my shoulder is damaged and that makes pull starting a gasser painful. The string is SHIT so have a replacement on hand. I’ll keep my Shindaiwa for heavier use but I infrequently weedeat since I prefer to spray Crossbow on problem areas killing everything.


Very nice trimmer, do they plan to make a lawn mower?

Nathan Reich says:

The emoji are random today.

Joshua Hurst says:

Which would have more runtime, the 40v or the 60v? And do you know if they have a metal blade adapter?

Fred P says:

Hi,i hesitate between dewalt(40v or 60v) the ego 56 volt or the makita 2x18volt(xru09z) your choice please?
I notice the makita have not a variable trigger this is a big deal?
I already have the makita line so im concern about keeping this batterie plateform but…..i d’ont know,i want to make the better choice.
There is a big difference in power?

Dk Shinde says:

how much long battery backup

Joni English says:

2015 got the dewalt 20v trimmer
2017 dewalt 20v trimmer broke , motor issues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
had to call dewalt 2 times with case # before service center sent me NEW unit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think 60v Dewalt got the bugs out !!!
20v junk 40v junk
60v Winner
lest see how long term motor lasts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DirtForce 08 says:

any idea if you can put a renegade blade or tri-clone on this? I need a serious cutting tool…

Jack C says:

what’s with that battery receptacle ? on the 20v it’s an open end. is it gonna limit the battery eventual size ? like i don’t see space for a bigger battery when they come out with a 60v/4 or 5ah ?????

Jay Fillet says:

Solid review. Glad I picked up the Milwaukee trimmer instead.

Don Donaldson says:

Great review, agreed on the high/low comment. It probably has something to do with torque, but it is much better to add some torque at the sacrifice of speed.

All About: The Sticks says:

I don’t have a big yard this seems perfect for me , no trees just lining up the mail box area so the hoa stops complaining lol

RAW says:

On CPO outlets site they have flexvolt for same price as the 20v tools now, there must be a reason for this, either they aren’t selling or they aren’t performing.

Dennis Schmidt says:

A good and fair review thanks

iginio3G says:

Dewalt FLEXVOLT 20V 12AH (60V 4AH) VS. 40v XR 6.0AH balance!

Nature King says:

​@UCbtA3P0ji7FsvxDzyxmd-0Q How about the 60v on the 12.oAh battery would you recommend it?i already have dewalt platform don’t wanna spend extra cash on the *ego or echo*

Joshua Childers says:

Hey man great vids. What is the BEST battery powered trimmer you recommend? Long term use. I’ll be cutting the normal home owner stuff and would like a pole saw attachment in the near future.

Nathan Reich says:

Weird, now that I viewed my comment it dissapieard?????

Log Home says:

Did you test the 60V Blower?

Peter Ryan says:

Ego 56 volt line trimmer vs Dewalt 40 volt line trimmer please

influxvision says:

What hook will you recommend to hang it on the wall? I Couldn’t find any online

animal79thecat says:

Help…has anyone in the UK got this model? UK version also comes with a brushcutter head attachment.
The problem with mine is the bolt on the machine isnt long enough to accept this attachment! Has anyone else experienced this? Model DCM571

Ryan Bell says:

What is your opinion of the DeWalt Flexvolt vs. the Milwaukee M!8 trimmers?

Tommy and Eric 4130 says:

just got this trimmer can you give me a link on some good 0.080 l ine to use in this trimmer ? thanks ..

Paul Stebelton says:

Can an aftermarket trimmer head replace the factory head.

Eugene Carter says:

Great Video and the review really helped me in deciding between the 20v and 60v when I realized I have to cut through bamboo shoots and other nasty greens that try to take over and the 20v motor would likely not be up to the job. I love your reviews and website and my only advice for you guys would be to work on increasing your search engine rankings and tags because other blogs and websites come up a little higher in google (like protool reviews, or toolguyd).

Joni English says:

which do you Recomend ?
40V or 60 v

d hamby says:

vs cobalt 80v?

Log Home says:

Is iit better to purchase the 60V trimmer over the 20V trimmer this late in the game?

Tool Fein says:

Very Cool. I use a gas Echo weed wacker the last few sessions & have not had a problem with power or tourqe even in 3ft high field grass. They run great when taken care of properly. I’ve tried some lower end battery weed wackers in the past & they are usually only good for very light duty work. but with this New Felxvolt it seems to have alot of power & good run times for battery atleast. Times are Definitely changing & I like where things are going would be great to get rid of gas power all together! & I agree they Definitely could have chosen a different set up for the string to make changes faster.
(Great Upload as always!) #WorkshopAddict

Michael Behr says:

How are you not wearing all the grass you’re trimming? Other reviews have complained that the guard is too small.

area51r says:

echo 58v trimmer vs. this one. who wins?

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