Day 25: Testing Out the Stihl Brush Cutter Buzzsaw String Trimmer Attachment

I got a brush cutter attachment for my Stihl. It’s basically a buzzsaw for a string trimmer. Today I test it out for the first time.

I also plant a Surinam cherry pit – and show you what happened with the pinterest “planting slices of tomato” thing.

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Dave baum says:

You do not need a special blade to cut brush with in Ohio I cut brush by just putting a 7 1/2 circular saw blade on my stilh

CaptTurbo says:

I had my own rim-fire rifle by the age of nine. Not sure that weed whackers had been invented yet except for the manual ones. Funny, I know where there are some of those Surinam cherries growing here in Ft Myers in the area where I walk my dog and they are close to a huge, thorny, Kapok tree. Thanks to you I now know what both of those things are now. I think those cherries taste lousy. Blech! 😉

CrossWood says:

I gotta get me one of those.

Riaan De Winnaar says:

Like a noisy panga.

Jacques Blaque says:

Couple points of interest: those stihl blades go dull quickly, and are a ripoff; guard such as that gets in your way- much too big; as brushcutters, their machines just can’t cut it like Husqy’s, Tanaka/Hitachi’s or Echo’s, and are a serious ripoff IMO. See Forester for steel or carbide blades- a favorite is their 12″ 3-lobed blade. Harness & combo-helmet, mandatory.

Guilherme Fracasso says:

That suriname cherry is called pitanga here in Brazil. I have some growing in my back yard, I think they are delicious.

Pseudo Nym says:

Found a surname churry, found a suriname cherry lol

mad dog says:

Question: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?
Answer: Pumpkin pi.

Cane Creek says:

Can you recommend a reliable source for Seminole pumpkin seeds good sir? Anyone?

Andre 4000 says:

Mr.Good!! Good day to you. I have an idea. Do you remember I’d show the results of the dog food I buried last fall in my garden? I’m ready to show it off, I’ve never ever seen such lush growth, 14 ft tall better boy, pepper plants 4ft. Plus

mad jeeper NH says:

I have great joy allowing my 7year old to drive my 4wd Toyota through the woods in my Homeland but not running my power tools…yet. one step at a time.

michiel pater says:

Try to get a trident blade, and you’ll have more fun!

Edward Delgado says:

Will it cut bamboo?

Dave says:

I love that you put the names of the plants in the video!

Hollands Pine Haven says:

Great video! We use a blade too! Scary thing at times! Watch for kickbacks with it. We use ours to cut back all the wax myrtles that are taking over our pine forest.

Backgammon Player says:

Now I have to drink ample boxes of beer to support a reforestation project in the jungle, burp!

Russell says:

Please take care using that above knee height. Use it like a scythe at ground level reved up to max and using a sweeping motion. One kick back at height could be a maiming. Perhaps with the vines at height string would be better.

Melissa Varone says:

Do you know how long the Surinam Cherry will take to fruit?  I am in Palm Beach County, Florida and I have about 9 plants that I grew from seed (Shh!  Don’t tell the authorities!)  I think they are 3 years old now, but I still haven’t seen any flowers.  Just wondering.  Thanks!


Question, Will winter squash and summer squash cross pollinate?

Andre 4000 says:

I’d like to to start a garden channel myself , with my sons help, and I think your audience would love to see the results of this project. Cheap cheap… But a mitey soil builder.

Green says:

A spinning blade on a stick, what could possibly go wrong? I hope that was on tighter than it looked. A real shame about the lack of sawdust flying. 😀

The Hairy Farmer says:

Hey Dave – Tip 1: Get a harness – makes swinging that thing MUCH easier and safer, (You get to keep your limbs). Tip 2: REV that baby – they are designed to go FULL-TILT. Tip 3: (I) Hit the plants with a quick blow – not a sawing action. The only things those blades don’t like are stones – I actually use a tungsten-tipped circular saw blade – cuts through trees about 100mm in diam with a single blow. (The thing they are NOT particularly good at is cutting at heights above ‘ground level’.

Fuff Mcduffin says:

When that blade got spinning, I was instantly reminded of the opening sequence for the show “Happy Days,” starring Donny Most and Anson Williams. Now the theme song is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot, David.

Pablo Koh says:

Have you seen the tracked skidsteers with mulching heads? Put it next on the tool list.

Brad Suarez says:

I had the same notion as to what would happen when I bought my buzzsaw blade. Long story short, I only used it one time and I’m back to using a machete instead lol.

Quinton D. says:

Have you ever messed with a brush axe? That’s my jam for that kind of growth. Pardon me if you’re already acquainted.

Mountain Tranquility says:

They usually graft the black s. cherries here in central Florida so maybe they are not true to seed?

L B says:

You know, I did that thing with the tomato slices and got a TON of beautiful, healthy plants that set lots of flowers that made not a single solitary tomato. But, they sure were pretty plants. Plants ythat I lovingly watered and fertilized for months before binning them. I even gave a bunch away. Not sure anybody got tomatoes from them. Hope yours do better than mine, ~ Lisa

Manihote Esculenta says:

looks like it would have a wicked kick-back.

Chip Fyn says:

You can’t try?!? I don’t want to sound like an expert on young fools, but the father/son bond that can be established through dangerous power tools must not be underestimated here. No one disputes that you are amazing. I’m just suggesting that you consider making your amazing qualities available to those whose roots can penetrate the rockiest soils. We’re just a bunch of YouTube fools, but the little ones worship us in ways we will never understand. Make sure the gal pal is on board first, then give him a crack at it. You won’t be sorry.

Hans Quistorff says:

I don’t know if you saw it on my channel. I sharpen the teeth with a round file making the same profile as a chainsaw tooth. I also mow tall grass with it just like with my scythe. Its not as bad as the string throwing things back at you so I don’t always wear the face shield but I find I really want the ear protection.

melinda Lancaster says:

We had the cherry hedge, they were so sour…we used them to throw at cars driving by.

Dylan says:

did not have time to plant garden this year but its filled with tomato plants see if any produce. garden is just thicket of weeds tomatoes and other plants from past years

James Johnson says:

Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Use a chainsaw. I’ve used one on a hedge. It did great, not just for trees. I’ll probably use one on five foot tall “weeds” growing where my garden used to be, because their trunks are an inch in diameter (a weed? yep) and reminds me of trees. I can’t pull them out, even with the help of a garden fork on the roots. I’ve used a weed-eater blades before; always back to the string.

Joseph Seeley says:

Best that the kids just stick to machetes when clearing land for now.

Lina Draney says:

David! My dad has purple Surinam cherries! In Miami. Let me see what I can do. They were fruiting a few weeks ago.

Allan Turpin says:

Not recommending the movie, but the commies in Indiana Jones 4 had the machine for that job with the desired debris cloud action.
There are equally effective but more boring commercial versions available, but I believe in setting your sights high.

Have a nice weekend.

Andre 4000 says:

And my channel might get a good boost out out of it…By The way.. we live in Garner N.C A suburb of Raleigh N.C . Good long grow season hear, and me and my son constructed a beastly greenhouse, I’d like everyone to see. I’d love to pass on the knowledge of how we did it to the masses. Take care .


you found a what?

Skibrzy says:

just got Surinam cherry yesterday how invasive live on half acre plan putting away from other crops good or bad idea

Larry Villanueva says:

David so happy to see you here again on Youtube, I was locked out of my old account while living in the Philippines. So happy to see the baby and see you and the happy family thriving and enjoying life! Check out my channel “Escaping to the Philippines” and tell me what you think! Thanks and keep up the good work…I got some catching up to do on your channel!!

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