Check Out My Brush Cutter – This brush cutter amazes me as to what it will cut through! Check it out!


Michael Scales says:

The brushcutter in the video didn’t have those problems.

Carinisbirro says:

did’t even hesitate. I’m also impressed. God job!

Michael Scales says:

The brush cutter in the video didn’t seem to have those problems.

jon win says:

Do I see black walnut leaves? Don’t cut those trees down! Big ones can sell for big bucks!

Theodoric Atkins says:

big man don’t get gobbled up by a hungry bear up behind those weeds .

CoyoteHunter2013 says:

Thanks for the information how mush do they cost.

James Tyree II says:

well, you lucked out then, or I have had the misfortune to run ones that were less that good.

Michael Scales says:

The brushcutter in the video didn’t have

ch47av8r says:

Informative video – this machine appears to be excellent for knocking down weed/brush growth in areas that have not been properly maintained for years. Having used a late 1950 vintage Gravely for years with a sickle bar cutter, it was okay but lots of maintenance on the sickle cutting blades and the outdated L head engine was a pain to start and lacked the power/torque of a modern engine like the Honda used in this machine. Best of all – this machine can be rented from a local Home Depot at very reasonable rental rates.

James Tyree II says:

Hey there Mike! To you and all, a big good day to you. I have used most everything to do field and brush mowing. The Billy Goat Outback is good for small areas of flat smooth terrain where one is not looking for a groomed manicured cut but just looking to knocked down vegetation. It does not have a flexing deck, and is slow bogs down easily,leave an uncut strip of grass on the left side and has too small of a fuel tank. I use a DR and prefer it.

CarterCreekFarm says:

Mike, Take a look at an older Gravely walk behind tractor. Much more versitile than the outback. Alot of different attachments that would work great for a nursery and better built than anything in the last 30 years.

bigbusa1 says:

that thing is a beast! I love your overalls!

MrMoonpie001 says:

What is the ball park pricing on something like this Mike. I wouldn’t mind used as long as it is mechanically sound.


any2xml says:

whoa! Impressed. Also I like the kid-like enthusiasm with the new-found toy. I enjoy your videos Mike. Keep’em comin’!

Response166 says:

Good video, that thing is hungry for some grass 🙂

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