Brush Cutting

Doing some Brush cutting for a friend. Still KM110r with Trimmer and Brush Cutter.


Clint Walker says:

I had to give this vid a thumbs down, sorry, Too much lame music, I wanted to hear the rpm of the motor, I’m thinking about buying one of those 3 bladed brush cutters, I couldn’t get a very good I idea how it worked from watching this vid.

Rob Bobcat says:

always think safety you need eye Protection also

robert boardman says:

nice video v clear and helpful

Cerberus says:

Don’t worry about negativity, there will always be those folks. Just keep on trucking!
You were talking backpack blower, I like the Kombi blower for my Stihl km 130.

Rich Goccia says:

I use an old Gravely walk behind with a 30″ brush cutter. I think it is much safer and quicker and can be found on Craigslist for under $200. There’s all kinds of attachments that can be had for it as well, snowblower, plow blade, rototiller, etc. That would definitely save you some money. Also, don’t let the YouTube trolls get you down. Thanks for posting your videos!

Terry Marshall says:

Old school if it is not total shot .save your money.

Ary de Oliveira says:


Simper14 says:

Hey not trying to hate but I would be wearing safety glasses just an FYI but I have a ryobi brush cutter and it works great

Response166 says:

Very nice video, good work!

Joe Blow says:

Duh man didn’t you know that only noobs use guards? Your not a man till you have a milky eye!! You should have 36 inches of string hanging out of that sumofabitch and a 24 inch carbide blade so you can do an entire lawn by swinging your arms dur dur dur!! Sorry had to do it before the people who actually mean it come along.

mowerman says:

nice video

Rell Monger says:

kool, bro you doing good and wanted to try one of these blades. I was using string even .105 was breaking. I will order one tri blade now

Raul Rod says:

Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!!! I will be buying a brush cutter, but I was intimidated until now that I saw this video. Thank You!

Ricky Boles says:

thank you for this video man, I was wondering about the blades

Polished Pebble says:

Thanks for the guard info. Never considered it.
What’s the difference between brushcutters with 3 blades and 4 blades? I’ve seen both, but is there a difference?

Debra Culver says:

I like your video and appreciate the info!

Mark Bolin says:

Great video. I’m curious as to how many cc you 110 engine is? I use a 32 cc Craftsman with either a string attachment or a brush cutter attachment . The 32cc seems to have all the power I need, I mostly clear Blackberries. After a few hours though, it gets really heavy. Anyway, I like your video and I’ll be looking for new ones in the future. Thanks!

GK Landscaping and Property Maintenance says:

Need another video up soon! Remember me from instagram? We’re both in CT, I started making videos finally, only have a couple and i’m still gettin used to uploading lmao but check out my videos if you don’t mind, but def get another video up soon!

Per-Ola Widegren says:

Great video! I really enjoyed watching!
Haters are miserable people who are envious and grudging!! Best to be left alone and ignored!
Thanks for sharing!

Chronas 9.9 says:

Aye good music choice haha

David Bailey says:

don’t let the negative comments get to you like they did to tne freak. their will always be those people ignore them and they will go away.

Karianngardenguru says:

Thanks for the video! I am a small girl and although the larger more powerful unit seems like a good idea, I feel I can handle this one better. Your helping make decisions- it is a very useful video. Sorry you are dealing with haters!

Newkirk Lawn & Landscape says:

Great video

Newkirk Lawn & Landscape says:

Thinking of buying one of them this week, got a lot of clearing jobs all of the sudden

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