blade & Echo weed eater destroying weeds

Home Depot weed eater with blade.


Isaiah40:22 says:

I just purchased the $100. dollar attachment for my PAS-266 It comes with a plywood type saw blade, not like this blade. It takes about 10 minutes to put the shield and handle on. Even comes with a shoulder strap Not sure it’s the best $100. dollars I’ve ever spent. I’ll be researching these other blades, as mine didn’t really perform like this video showed.

Now here’s the best bang for the buck I’ve gotten. Stens 380-643 5 lb .105 Silver Streak Fire Trimmer Line It fits my dual compartment Echo trimmer spool. And last a very long time, and cut through very thick 18 plus inch brush. It’s also much, much better then my .095 Echo crossfire line on concrete. Better then dual extruded line as well, which fray’s.

Warped Wackos says:

Thanks for the video!  I have an older Echo (about 4 years old) and was wondering how to get the head off and the blade on.  I have some small brush to clear at my Mom’s place and the line just won’t do it.

Andrew LaFogg says:

just to let you know, this is one of the smaller models echo makes the srm 266 and srm 280 are the larger models. And all 2 cycle string trimmer models from echo, stihl, and Husqvarna are 2 stroke oil and gas mix along with 90% of other power equipment. Except for 1 model in each of the above manufacturers are straight gas. All other straight gas units by troy built or any other Walmart and homedepot models are weekend warrior homeowner trash and don’t care about emissions. Stay with echo, Husqvarna and stihl…. you get what you pay for and it will last if it’s one of the above three.

JCHangtime says:

This thing would cut a zombies heads clear off lol.

robert shepherd says:

weed eaters suck I wanna live In a jungle neighborhood because of the nwo sting on thunder

Morgan Mason says:

Good video, one thing though, the bar that you are holding on is not a handle, it is a barrier to restrict the movement of the tool during a kickback.

Downshift says:

if there is a zombie apocalypse, we have to start a walled off car community.. one community will surround a race track, another will surround a drag strip.. we can race when we want

sindessa orellia says:

This is the blade we brought hoping to cut running bamboo will this blade work ?

James Chester says:

a tri multi blade is better 🙂 used these at a tree service to clear sewer eastments from weeds to small trees and mulched it with them 🙂 not the tri blades u see at walmart or home depot most time those are grass type

Cheryl Schulte says:

You should try it against shrubs

Rob D says:

Thanks JC! I’ll have to star using the handle more often. I have the same set-up and it works very well.

GattaSplatta Man says:

a weed eatter made by eco….. lol

Downshift says:

I agree, lets kill some zombies..

Black_Eagle 14 says:

este compa esta loco

JCHangtime says:

Yah I just use it as a handle.

TheBigclow says:

Nice outfit…lol.

Michael Hein says:

zombies wouldn’t stand a chance, thats for sure

Em6726 says:

Great video. I’m sold on that blade. Your install video was great too. Thanks

rkgsd says:

Notice the ear protection folks. Word to the wise. Use it!

Deese Lawncare & Landscape says:

That is awesome! I wanna get a blade for my sthil fs 90r

Reivo Väärtnõu says:

i feel bad for weedhacker,full throddle,it’s like killing machine.

Little Gator Farm says:

Video starts at 4:24

Mark Hoffman says:

like B U T T E Richard!
I have to get one. espically for not being pelted by rocks and debris. Thanks. Off to HD I go

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