Best trimmer line on the planet

This is George answering your comments on what is the best trimmer line that I have come across.


u666sa says:

who’s squarna whisper x is good stuff. I don’t have a lawn here, just a bunch of weed which I need to cut right down the earth, this stuff lasts longer than regular whisper.

William Thomson says:

I have a very large yard. I watched your video and everything you have said is completely true. Unlike other brand lines that wobble up and down this line spins in an absolutely flat rotational disk making walk edging a real joy. Also, because of that, routine trimming goes better because you can maintain a level cut. Finally, because I have a Echo trimmer, I have been using Echo line, which is much better than generic, but Vortex is SO much better and goes SO much further. I get more that double the life out of this line per job. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you SO much for this video!

Lucky B says:

The line I bought from the big box store will tangle in long grass at half throttle.

etuboldon boldon says:

lol @ “im not getting paid to sell this stuff”.

Kique Maldonado says:

How does it do with chain link fences? Does it get tangled in any way or feels the same as regular string?

the everything Channel and hobbies says:

Have you ever used Husqvarna titanium Force trimmer line

Temujin Khan says:

Thats what I use although i dont get that big role. There s=is for sure a big difference when I switched to it.

MidGAOutdoor says:

I am a rotary dealer. any speculation as to .080 or .095? I also do landscaping.

Rob Daubs says:

Thanks ,good info and video!

oliver rodriguez says:

Honestly this is the best line I ever used, I use my weed eater almost every day and the line in the spool last about 2 months even when I use it for edgings. It worth the price I strongly recommend.

Greg W says:

Where in fla did you purchase line .I live in Lowell fla

Swimbait1 says:

Following your recommendation I ordered a spool of ‘this line and love it. I have used echo and Stihl last few years and this is far better. Biggest difference I am noticing is we are using about half the amount of line we used to use. It just seems to hold up better I think it’s because it’s a bit more flexible and doesn’t seem to snap so easily. Thanks!

William Thomson says:



Have you tried Oregon Gator Line?

R H says:

You are absolutely correct. I have owned a law business for 12 years. Do not let anyone tell you anything different. Vortex is best trimmer line in the world.

I Q says:

I work for a landscaping company, so we go through trimmer line like prunes through a colon. I just ordered some of this stuff on ebay. Thanks for the recommendation. Much appreciated.

Peter Cobalt says:

I’ve been using this for the last 5 years it’s the best I’ve ever used

Drastic Measures says:

Not sure if its the same company, but it looks the same. I just bought a new roll of Black Diamond.

This line seems to break just as easy as the stock Echo line, but this stuff cuts like a hot knife through butter.

With the stock orange line, my Echo 225 would bog down in thick grass. With this line, it cuts right through. It slings grass everywhere as it gobbles it up.

WAY bitchin’ line!

Thanks for the video!

jb says:

That is good line
I use it out here in the desert. Nothing I’ve tried so far even comes close. It’ll force ya to wear a full face shield

Martha Belles says:

This is all fine & dandy if your string trimmer accepts 0.095 line; but, my corded string trimmers use 0.065 & 0.080.

Yeah, I know it’s obvious I’m not a professional – but believe me, I’m challenged trying to keep all of my 95 year old Mom’s property up to snuff. I don’t have the strength to operate gas powered string trimmers, the 20 volt batteries don’t last long enough, & the 40 volt batteries are too awkward/top heavy for me.

Mom doesn’t have the resources to hire this work done; so, it is up to me to make sure it is or she will cited by the city & they charge a small fortune if they have the work done.

I will appreciate any advice you can provide.

Thank you for your time.

Dolores Lopez says:

can this trimmer line be used on a Greenworks Lithium 40V M# 2101602? Thanks

Scott Marshall says:

I’m not a professional, just a guy with a few acres and that like his tools to work well.
Bought a new trimmer this spring – I’m using Husqvarna titanium line on a Husky 128 trimmer and it seems to hold up quite well. I’m not easy on it and I border swamp on one side and railroad on the other (ballast stone destroys everything, from mower blades to trimmer line, chainsaw chains, brush blades….) Not to mention the briars and sumac everywhere, I swear sumac grows 6″ a day…
I’ve tries a lot of gimmick line and it’s all junk. The next best I’ve ever used was a roll I found at a garage sale – a couple thousand feet loose in a box, it was natural (translucent white) and fairly heavy simple straight line. I think it said Black and Decker on the box somewhere (which really surprises me?)

The Husky Titanium LOOKS a lot like the Rotary. Not sure if that shape is responsible for the level swing, but I rarely have to go over 1/2 to get a decent cut on grass. Seems quieter than other line too, less ‘whistle’.
A spool is about 4 meters I think and I’d guess I get about 3 tanks of gas (about 14oz per tank) per spool depending on what I’m cutting and how hard I’m running. Sumac, blackberry and thistle sure cut the line life and up the fuel consumption (Premium Gas & Redline racing oil here).

I’m ordering in some Rotary, if I can get it in less than the commercial spool, that would last me well past my years…

On to the link below:

Thanks for the tip George.
I’ll be watchin.


shane chambless says:

with the combination of the badgerhead trimmer you would be on the right weed wacking path

Art Trombley says:

I bought a spool of this 3 sided triangle shaped line. I can’t find the spool anymore because I’ve never had to refill my trimmer. We went an entire season without even having to bump the trimmer head to let out more line. I wish I could find the spool so that You could get some just to try it. I’m not knocking the product that you are endorsing, I’m just saying that there’s another terrific line on the market. I’ll go digging for that spool because now I’m feeling foolish for even mentioning it. Lol

Agent Bertram says:

Thanks George, I’ll try to find this over here in Scotland.

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