Best Brush and Grass Cutter? WeedShark VS Tall Thick Grass!

WeedShark in action!! Best Brush Cutter I have Ever Used! I highly Recommend this Beast!! Expect many videos of the cutter, in the near future! Thanks for watching!!
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Leonardo o says:

man its a beast

Carl Brown says:

A man’s toy, oh yeah!

The Notorious Angler says:

Do not use against chainlink fence or brick

Aleksandr Pushkin says:

In what state is it?

Roberta Christeen says:

the old chain weed wizard would kill that grass real  quick

Doug Chaney says:

Tell you what, either you are one brave man or you live no where near my area! There is no flippin way I would traipse through my property with no boots/ bare legs! RATTLESNAKES in the grass! Southern Pacific brand highly toxic 2 week hospital stay variety…

drnh4444 says:

Nice guy… Very easy to watch video. Nice one buddy

Senmeister says:

So satisfying and i bet it is fun to “play” with it 🙂

You earned a like from me

flatearth 4x4 says:

that thing is dope i need one

Eduardo gamer says:

nada ave

William Bissell says:

I can’t believe he’s wearing shorts.  !

maybeso maybenot says:

i want one.

Francesco Lungherini says:

Trincia livellante

Phillip Kramer says:

What you got a 4mix FS90r there? Whatever it is it sounds like the 4mix which I love the tone of since its not as annoying of a high pitched whine like most. You could use a slightly bigger model tho and a bike handle as well as long pants incase you hit a pebble. Glasses are also something you should have on for safety also since it only takes a moment and you cant go back. Hospital bills can cost a fortune too. Safety is a key element not to be ignored especially when cutting thru thick stuff cause you cant see the ground.

The Hammerdown says:

OK thanks keep up the good videos they are big help. I’m going to try the mighty max. I don’t have a yard that heavy. the max must use plastic blades?

The Hammerdown says:

what about the weed Shark mighty max? have you tried that and is it as good?

coondogtheman1234 says:

my grandfather made something similar to this but it was two flailing chains and it was satisfying as hell to cut throught the thick stems of the, well i call them skunk rhubarb plants. they have thick green stems and purple stems and are extremely hard to pull out and they leave a smell on your hands.

Thomas Britton says:

YOU! big brave dude and your badass WeedShark, come knock down some multiflora rose in glacial drift rock.

Doug Chaney says:

Who else is sick to death of the “old man” testrone advertisements? Obnoxious and I am an old man btw…

Response166 says:

Cheers for the video, not a bad option to use.

Joey Layman says:


mike myfree says:

Hey, what kind of wacker do you have?

Harshal Dharme says:

Harshal Dharme

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