Why A Leaf Blower Is Safer Than A Metro Vac – Echo 58v Cordless Blower Review



molan says:

Just use distilled water and let the sun do the drying 🙂

Alex S. says:

How much dust can you blow onto the car if the ground is wet anyway?

sbrick says:

can you please try out “Reload” by carpro I am really keep to know what you think of it. I am got a few things carpro as of late been really happy

Jonnie Bangkok says:

No rubberized tip = major fail!

It also looks very big and bulky…easy to hit and scratch/dent the car.

5jjt says:

Needs a flexible attachment.

John O'Mahoney says:

Scott I have both and I and always found the blaster does a much better job!!!

Vincent Drago says:

Love ur videos. Everything is very well explain and honest. No bs. Can you do a video on how to apply ceramic coating and all the step. Thanks

Alex915 says:

Wonder if there is a corded version?

FPLINY1 says:

It’s just too easy to kick up dirt from the ground with a blower, also it’s crazy loud.

Trop x says:

$200? I’ll rather spend that kind of money on the Metro-vac. Leaf blowers are not designed for precise use within inches of a car’s surface since they can be hard to control. I used to use a corded blower and found that it was too easy to hit the car with the nozzle unless I used two hands and was very careful. I replaced it with a Metro-vac when the blower died. This one is worse than my old one since it has a metal tip. A friend of mine uses a corded blower he bought for less than $50 because he didn’t want to pay the money for a Metro-vac. For that price it’s worth taking his time to be very careful when using it around his car.

J Coz says:

There is that customer with the white car again…. 🙂

Jeremy Landphier says:

A filter would just restrict airflow ! What’s to say a bug flies between the blower and your car Hmmmmm ?

Go Trixie Go says:

And you’re back! Hope all’s well. Great review. I use a Stihl gas blower.

Victor Hernandez says:

I say it the second way you said it in the video. I say it the first way when it’s spelled Eco, for economy

Ruben Arzola says:

What camcorder do you use scott to shoot your video?

Off Dat Go-Go says:

$20 mini leaf blower from Amazon was one of my greatest finds. Obviously it does not have really high CFM output but it’s great from drying engines, wheels and forcing water out of crevices. Oh, and never use a gas blower people….exhaust fumes.

Baddrivercam says:

Not that I’m a metro vac fan, I personally use a leaf blower. While I get the argument about dirt on the driveway. The driveway is wet from just washing and rinsing the car. You’re not going to really going to be picking up much dirt from the ground at that point.

Lance Whitehorse says:

Did you upload a video about pet hair removal with a squeegee? I can’t find it. But I started a new job this week and had a terrible suv and so I show the guys the trick and it blew their minds lol thanks for making me look like the dude.

marios kosmidhs says:

Why pros using blowers and not just a good quality large MF towel??? It is safer for the paint and quicker???? Al the.industry advertize those large hight abzorve MF towels.

5jjt says:

It just looks awkward.

rupman27isback says:

Cordless not worth it. 10-15 mins battery life. No thanks. i need something to dry my 2 cars.

Matthew Zydorczyk says:

In my opinion all the leaf blowers like this one and similar ones (i have an ego 56v with the turbo – 530cfm) that have that big opening is that they have no pressure. Yea the CFM is high but that has little to do with the ability to quickly push the water off a car and out of the cracks, in my experience. It’s not about the volume it outputs. I dont know why anyone would go with anything other than a leaf blower like the toro (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EL1UPXG/ref=twister_B00LVVYJUO?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) which has a very small output opening. Yes its pretty powerful but most important, it has pressure behind it. Plus it’s $50 (give or take). It has the power of an air gun but it’s even faster at drying than an air gun. I’d take the $50 toro any day over the $200 530cfm blower i have, to dry a car. For blowing lawn debris that may be a different story.

Chicken King says:

Why dont you wax your car

Donald Valinski says:

I have a rigid vac that I just put the hose on the exhaust.tool box style no wheels and plastic.seems to work ok.

Edward JLo says:

I’d design and test a nozzle that concentrated air fan shaped and isn’t so long. Yes, I’m an engineer. O.C. people are concerned with dust lol.

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