Stihl SH 86 C-E Leaf Blower Review

The ONLY video of this model on YouTube with:
Demonstration of Wet & Dry Leaf Blowing.
Demonstration of Vacuum Attachment.

Uploaded: 11/13/2011


john walt says:

That is an sh 86c not a bg 86c

David Hughes says:

Nice job. Thanks

hoodie scum says:

great vid and review , as u say we just need too see it work

Tom Pfeifer says:

Thanks for sharing!

Zolitar Iglussey says:

your a man after my own heart….. All my implements are Stihl….. I got tired of buying junk and wised up… we have a major leaf problem too and need a machine to take care of business ….

Tim B says:

Curious. Did you look at other hand held blowers? I’m considering this Sthil you reviewed and the Redmax 2610.

fidel gonzalez says:

this was a good video for anyone who needed to see it in action. thanks man this makes my decision much easier.

Fabio Mazza says:

Excellent video! Very helpful. Thanks!

R Poe says:

Thank you. I’m currently shopping Stihl blower/vacs.

Kevin Hayes says:


Ducati Dude says:

It looks like the BG 86 is a blower only, and the SH 86 is a blower/vac/shredder… Are you sure you have a ‘BG’ 86?

BrownBagAVClub says:

Vacuum function is what I need. Looked slow going though. How long in all to do a pile like that? I have a ton of trees and I could easily get 5-6 piles that big. Trying to figure out time vs effort. Raking might be faster.

Gladius Think says:

can it vaccuum wet leaves?

Louie Garcia says:

worst review on you tube.waste of time

Kyle Lundell says:

Stihl always has good stuff I got a Stihl ms 311 and a Stihl Tshirt the owner of the store gave me for free when I got it because I told him Stihl was awesome

legentron 19 says:

I named the blower it the wind sweeper 1000

Aaron Anderson says:

this is my favorite blower of all time.  Easy to start and plenty of power, also fairly quiet.  I love their “turn the knob” priming.  I know some old timers prefer primer bulb, but this is awesome.  I run these commercially and buy off Craigslist for $100 whenever I get the chance.  Stihl blowers are the best, hands down winners.  And this model is my fav of the group.

Joseph Quam says:

Got a question for you. Did you know that if you mow your leaves and let them sit, the leaves act like a natural fertilizer for your lawn?
Thanks for showing the vac feature! That’s what I really needed to see.

Ducati Dude says:

Just bought the SH 86 CE… Thanks for the awesome vid…

affalaffaa says:

Been using blowers for along time and found that the vacuum works okay but if you suck up small stones they can rip a hole in the bag, plus it’s a slow way of picking them up. Much quicker to put them in a bin, garbage can and dump them 

rcmantjk says:

Finally a decent video showing this thing at work……GOOD JOB MAN!!!!!

nicola gentile says:

awesome vid,…very informative,…the last vid I need to look at, thanks!!

Jacob Ditmer says:

I want that blower

jodythomas says:

Great job on showing actual usage of your blower.  Thanks very much for taking the time to do this.

Military Chevy says:

Good blower you have there. Easy to work on as well. I can say that cause I’m a mechanic. lol Good choice! Hope its lasted well for ya.

J Nieto says:

Thank you very much for taking the time to do the video. Very informative.

Velha Guarda Tricolor says:

Thanks from Brazil!

Doug Kessler says:

I’m shopping for a high-end blower vac now. I’m sick of the cheap stuff as it ends up being more expensive over time. Thank you for the review – plus you did it with wet Maple leaves – Maple leaves are tough enough but wet – that’s a test. How’s the long-term review? Still love it?

Home Gardens says:

Nice video mate. Dan from UK.

darson4eva says:

The vacuum attachment was included.

holdengr says:

Good info.

Gary Swinson says:

Would you buy again?

Brian Patronie says:

Thank God finally!
Someone actually showing the product at work!
Kudos to you and your lovely “assistant”…
( Bet you got some loving words from that, lol !!).

Zane Hill says:

Do you still have it? Do you still like it?

Heath Roberts says:

Damn straight. Great vid bro

Jason Christie says:

Excellent video, thank you!

Matt Seymour says:

Thats got some power! Good old stihl

speedster427 says:

Great vid! I bought one today.

Seeker Alvarado says:

Thanks for making the video. I just brought my Stihl SH-86-C-E home today.

LET Utah says:

You’re right; who cares about numbers – show me how well it moves leaves!

Zach says:

nice i have 2 backpack blowers

Michael Zak says:

the vacum part is really necessary plus this unit still has a plastic fan blade, it just has a small metal blade for chopping the leaves up not that it does a good job at it, it is a great machine but i find it a lot quicker just to use it as a blower and bag the leaves up by hand, its a lot quicker and will stop the internals of the blower from looking like he underneath of a lawn mower good review though

chrt396 says:

First of all…I love the look you got when you called your little lady your assistant.  The look that she gave you was classic.  I thought that was funny. 

I agree about the vacuum attachments.  It’s faster and easier to just pick them up and put em’ in a bag.  UNLESS you are using them as compost.

The specifications on the model your demo’ing are admirable as well.  The mph that the machine produces is huge out of the flat nozzle.  The flat nozzle lifts the leaves and pushes them.  Even at 154 mph with the round nozzle, those leaves don’t stand a chance.

Flat: 85 m/sec (190 mph)
Round: 69 m/sec (154 mph)
Flat: 610 m3/h (359 cfm)
Round: 780 m3/h (459 cfm)

Kevin Wynants says:

Thank you for the video it was very helpful with your demonstration ,
thanks again

Kyle Lundell says:

I love that you’re very straight forward about this XD

Ducati Dude says:

What is the difference between the SH 86 CE, and the BG 86 CE?

Knowledge Seekers says:

Hey great review…new to the channel but umm i think its called the SH 86 C?

starwarsfanforlife says:

I was looking to see which blower/vac works the best and came across your video. I will for sure get this one now. Thanks for the video! I was also looking at the WORXTrivac blower but this Stihl looks like it is made to do the work much better AND it is cordless!

David Well says:

How has it held up since review?

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