STIHL BR800 Blower Review | BR800 vs BR700 | Fall Leaf Clean Up

STIHL BR800 Review | BR800 vs BR700 | Fall Leaf Clean Up
putting the BR800 vs BR700 on a leaf clean up job blowing leaves in the fall

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S_J_P says:

Do the Stihl dealers have the BR 800X in stock?


I’d still walk in and grab br600s all day….

Fence Armor says:

Very curious to see how the side start stands time! Nice video guys!

Tony's Lawn Care says:

Good stuff

Bob Keeler says:

Ive got the BR700 and after watching this… unless the 800 is like $50 more I think I’ll stick with my BR700. However I think the BR800 is much more than the bR700. Does anybody what the cost of the 800 is?

Countryside Vlogs says:

I’m a mechanical guy so I want you or someone to explain to me how you can say 2 blowers with the identical CFM , (912) to be exact, have different amounts of power…….

Michael Jachowski says:

I have a both the 700 and 800 and at first didn’t really notice a difference. But going from the 700 to the 800 in the middle of a leaf clean up the 800 hands down moves the leaves further, faster and easier then the 700

michael lee says:

Those 4-mix Stihl engines are junk/garbage that don`t last like Echo especially.. i`ll stay for now with Redmax 8500`s and Husqvarna 580 for now and older Echo`s until the new more powerful Echo 8010 is available in my area which it is said will be spring. Plus if the 8010 qualifies for the 20% contractor discount days that will certainly be the best for long term. Not having Stihl valve train failures and plastic camshaft is another major bonus. Stihl did have better fuel economy and less weight, yet i want trouble free reliable long lasting #1.

Silent but Deadly says:

Just got 2 new br 700s still great blowers 600s are as well they last forever we actually have had our600s stolen but would probabaly still have them if not for thieves

Ken Boxx says:

I got a feeling echo will blow stihl away !

AnglerX says:

All you guys on Youtube with these “professional” companies crack me up.


Siskel and Ebert LOL

Jonathan Doble says:

I will be able to tell when I use it to clear snow.

kenny play says:

Is there a versus 800 echo and Stihl 800

Moowiewagon says:

So I’m a landscaper in Phoenix AZ and I’m trying to decide if I want to purchase one of these. We don’t have the leaf drop as back east. Mainly crushed rock and minor trimmings from bushes. Worth the purchase?

robert demaree says:

Redmax ha s a bigger blower in development. it took stihl and echo 7 years to catçh up once the new Redmax. comes Out. not the 8550 the 9500 it will take all others years to catch up

Larry A says:

Would love to see a comparison between the Redmax ebz7500 and the stihl br800c – As the EBZ7500 has more of the same specs as the stihl br800c –

calvin macneill says:

Andy you cleared that lane in the side by side comparison in 1/4 of the time, for the snow removal guys out there the 800 is going to be an added bonus with that MPH

1porsche965 says:

Stihl offers a lap belt and chest belt for the BR600. For the price, lighter weight, less fuel consumption and about the same nozzle speed as the BR800 the Value is the BR600. But that side starter is just tits. And just maybe enough for me to trade up. Good video, thanks.

Michael Creamer says:

I own the 600. Is it worth the upgrade to the 800 c? Most of my clean ups are pine straw (wet.)

Kyle Knight says:

definitely a feature I would pay a little extra for

kevin handy says:

Hay Andy great video keep them coming.

The SWAT Team says:

I got a br700 a few months ago and that thing is just a beast pure and simple. I’m thinking of giving it to my dad and getting a br800 myself.

logdon17 says:

Looks like they are almost the same moving leaves, features (hip support, side start) are the real difference. That said I would say that side start is worth the upgrade.

Adam Milton Green says:

Its all about sensationalism lol stihl know they can put out the br 800 even if its pretty much the same as the br700 and every one will rush out to buy it because its the newest and greatest thing

Marks Misfit World says:

Great video on the 2 blowers. Comfort and features is what I am looking for. I was told by the Stihl rep that you can order the harness separately and will fit on the 700X

Jonny G says:

Did gravley give you that mower?

Donald Costello says:

Great video guys, I’ve had a BR 800 for about 3 weeks ,I traded in a red max 8500 ,I work in the north east and we have had a lot of rain this year, the big test for me was wet leaves and the Sthil was a beast so much better than the red max way to go Sthil

Methodical2 says:

Better to have and not need, than to need and not have…

I would not do leaf cleanup with a hand blower. I just can’t see a lawn care business without a nice powerful backpack blower if leaf cleanup is in their line of business. I’m a homeowner and I went with a commercial backpack blower because I only wanted to do this one time.

Question: How long can that tube extend? It seems short. Or do you like the shorter tube length?

Kenny Wimmer says:

the leaf test was a solid good test.

steveo7403 says:

Trying to listen to your review and hear that shit music in the background

Swamp Fox Picks says:

Am I the only one that noticed how much faster that the 800 cleared the lane, to me that equates getting the job done more efficiently and as well faster. Time equals $$$

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