Stihl Br 800 Backpack Blower Serious Review and Demo

The Stihl Br 800 backpack blower is a great piece of lawn care equipment. I tested it out recently and conducted an interview with my friend TIm who has been using the blower in his lawn business. In this video, we discuss the pros and cons of the blower as well as showing it in action. I show the blower blowing wet leaves and sticks, blowing a rock off the driveway, and blowing a log. It has good power and rides comfortably on the back. Hopefully, this review will give you good information if you are in the market for a backpack leaf blower.

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James-M. says:

Nice. But of coarse like everything in life, it’s right handed.

John Doe says:

I can’t support Stihl. Hate the four strokes. The performance of four strokes compared to two strokes is terrible. Just can’t best the two strokes light weight and power. Maintenance terrible. Stihl Sthil fanboys.

Bandit 1 says:

Echo 8010 =BEAST

Derrick Black says:

Awesome! I have a 700 and it’s pretty good. I would love to have the side start with the kidney strap for comfort. I hope the runtime on a full tank is sufficient with the bigger engine.

Ricardo Mendoza says:


Charles Chapman says:

Haven’t had any luck trying to find one, just to look at. They have been teasing about these for far too long.

J's Crazy Cutz, LLC says:

I’m waiting to buy the new Red Max ebz-8550 backpack blower. It suppose to replace the 8500 which is a monster of a blower already.

Francisco Ramirez says:

Do the 700 and 800 have a cold weather switch like the 600? Great video!

Ass hole Name says:

I like Honda ..

G & G Lawn Care LLC says:

Great design on the side start.
Very productive if you have multiple clients coming out chatting with you.

boltactionshooter says:

Love my 800C. Enough power for anything but also what sold me was, side start, smooth running and quieter, comfort.

AngelTheFiend says:

My dealer just got these aswell 590$ cash I’ll probbly buy one the catch for me is the side start, btw congrats on going to the superbowl but shouldnt you be preparing for that Rams D?

Greg Stickler says:

Hand held no problem if your left or right handed simply change hands
It’s meant to blow debris and leaves not boulders and shoe horns
Also they cost a fortune
$300 compared to $2000

All Phase Lawn & Landscape says:

I’ve had a lot of complaints and experience with stihl being temperamental to start, we do however continue to use their backpack blowers. As far as this particular blower goes I think it’s overkill and overpriced for a regular mow crew. I run the lightest backpacks for our mow trucks that are just blowing some clippings off of a sidewalk. Not only are the lighter units less expensive but after 8 hours on a mow crew your guys appreciate lighter equipment. We only bring out the big guns for cleanup work.

Five Points Lawn says:

Great tip about the valve adjustment, wasn’t till I talked to a Stihl rep that I learned about it. I figured the blower was almost done. Adjusted the valves and it was good to go. Never to old to learn I guess. Good video. I think that hip belt is great for big leaf jobs. I’m in Ontario Canada, it’s selling for 899, should b 50 cheaper for the spring sale. Pretty steep but I might buy it!!

StrykerV says:

Its all a time saving thing. The 8010 blows slower then the br800 but it puts out 150 cfm more then the br800. The air volume is great.

Jose J-H says:

How much?

Lithium Man says:

I have the Echo 770T & the new Echo 8010T blowers. It’s unreal how hard the Echo 8010 blows!

Benjamin Davis says:

Tim? I am Tim. When you get finished with my machine, please let me know. I will come pick it up!

Red Rock Maintenance says:

I was going to get the 800’s but think I’m going to go to the echo PB8010s. Wasn’t impressed with them that much and the price. I run stilh eventing so switching to Echo will be strange.

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