Stihl BR-700 Backpack Blower Review | The Best Leaf Blower Out?

Hey gang, excited to deliver this review of the Stihl BR-700 Backpack Blower! The STIHL BR700 backpack blower is very powerful, yet one of the quietest leaf blowers out. I am really excited to bring you guys the latest and greatest products for review, and hope this one was fun and brings you some practical information to help you grow your business!

Big thank you to all of you guys who have been loyal supporters from inception of our channel this year, to help us get the attention of some of the larger companies out there! I couldn’t of done it without you!

Big shout out to team STIHL for picking us up as one of their newest ambassadors. I truly appreciate the partnership, and so do all of our viewers. Folks want to know and see the latest and greatest, and have honest reviews, and I am glad we are able to represent and earn your partnership! Thank you for teaming up with us and the lawn care community on YouTube, we all appreciate it big time!

Stay tuned for more reviews, updates, and videos on this and other STIHL equipment!


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B&B Lawn Care says:

Huge fan!! Nice video!

Cutting Edge Landscaping says:

i heard what you said 550

CARL B Gedeon and Gabino Diaz lawn care service says:

looks like a great blower

Jonathan Moor says:

your nuts redmax stuff only

dnnyshdy says:

I’ve always had small Craftman blowers.I bought one of these about a month ago and it is worth the money.

Virginia Refuse Trucks says:

Warranty should cover the broken handle.

Bob Berard jr says:

I think I may buy it any how. I do not own a business. just want a great blower for my place and my parents..

EDK Landscaping says:

@7:04 there is always some lady watching lol, awesome vid

Antonio Lopez says:

I need to buy a backpack blower this week. I can get either the BR700 or Redmax EBZ8500 for $550. Which would you recommend?

mitchell trompeter says:

I’m looking at getting a br600 for my business. I do about 10 lawns a week all residential but fairly large yards. I have been doing research on the 600 and 700 and I have come across guys saying that the valves on the 600 and 700 need to be adjusted every year or so. Now, I have also read that the valves no longer need to be adjusted on the newer models. Can someone clear this up? Do the valves need to be adjusted every year? or no?

ronerx says:

I need this

andrew oliver says:

7:08 20-30 bucks? better be under warranty buddy!!

have you used the 450 electric start model? good? bad?

MrJeffery9076 says:

I have 3 br600  they run 1hr 45 min each during leaf cleanup season with the handle sliding back and forth it will stretch the throttle controlwe tilt our br600 during fill ups to get more gas in themthanks for the review

Sun Son says:

The 430 is better

dwoodog says:

Great video. Only tending my own yard I have no need for this much blower, but hell I want one.

kingsley Zachary says:

how do you advertise

Cutting Edge Landscaping says:

what is the cost of the br 700 blower?

Mr. Cut Lawn Care, LLC says:

Great review Brian! It looks like a beast of a blower. Thanks!

chevy vega says:

a working part breaks at the start, and you are declaring it a non issue!?what is to break next? This is a simple show of quality anymore. Sad part about Stihl products I am seeing on a recurring basis is the company has joined the ranks of the classic warranty denied, misuse by owner line.

Allan Bow says:


Danny Tugroin says:

I’ve always preferred Stihl to any of the competition, I’m keen to try those new battery start ones, have you any experience of them?

brad lynch says:

whoa! whi is that babe walking by hey! (7:03)

Alex says:

Love my Br 600, but you can never have enough power might have to get one!

elcacheton131 says:

why the hell stihl sends you stuff to review. .your a red max man ..there’s other youtubers that runs stihl that can make a better review very disappointed on stihl

Sanders Lawn Service says:

I will take a hat lol

Grass Daddy says:

great video! I agree the dealers are great, they taught me technique on using the trimmer which helped a lot.

Aaron Garcia says:

I had the BR600 and went and purchased the BR700, love it. How do you like the stihl gloves so far? says:

The handle is not a big deal, broken after a week? Are you kidding which means with my guys it will last 3 days. Stihl has a couple major design flaws and the worst one is the choke knob. As soon as this blower rolls on its back inside the trailer it snaps the choke knob and rod off. I usually go through at least one carb a week with my guys. They are comfortable and relatively quiet but echo makes a far superior product which is why I’m switching back.

Bob Berard jr says:

I actually saw this model today. it’s a brute.. the sales man told me it blows 199 mph..? does this sound right?

Hillbilly Rig Repairs says:

These stihl 4 cycles are money pits. Check out my 2 part series…

Del's Lawn Care says:

Me and son been watching videos for while. I just notice your from my area. Nice to watch someone from same state. Great review and input.

Rob Hicks says:

Those straps suck!!!! Every one of my guys have a problem keeping it on there shoulders. I have had red max and shindawa with no problems. Unless the straps are skin tight they will slide off.

Alec G says:

Do you like the Redmax 8500 or the Stihl Br 700 more?

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