Stihl Blower Review — BR 450 See it in Action!

A man’s review of the STIHL BACKPACK BLOWER.

Check ’em out here:


Temple Thomas says:

good review – liked the side by side

Raymond Siu says:

If you’re a landscaper and I see you blowing only leaves and not picking them up and putting them in a garbage bag I would fire you right away!!

Ten Millimeter says:

Micah – thanks for this review – It influenced my upgrade from a BG 86 to the BR 450.

swag 123 says:

The 650 huh.

Darren's Mowing says:

awesome 🙂

zfilmmaker says:

I have the 700 ….kicks all yo asses blowers LOL.

Micah Schneidermann says:

Hey guys if you find your new blower bogging down or losing power, check out my other video on how to fix the most common problem for blowers losing power–
And thanks for watching!!

Thinking Impaired says:

the sales dude i bought my br450 from didnt have a clue about the blower. i didnt even know the nozzle extended until i watched your video. i wish i saw your video befoe buying a bg55 then realizing i needed the br450 instead.

Luke The Window Cleaner says:

cool !!

hodge's outdoor adventures says:

there is no 650 the 600 is only 500 and the 700 is 550

Flatzout says:

what do you lawn guys do in the winter up north ? im in FL we mow year round , just wondering…

Chris Kennedy says:

i got a new blower 2 months ago such an amazing feeling 🙂

da man says:

I like the side by side comparison. Thanks for the info.

Mac Mcilnay says:

It’s the cfm that matters if your moving debris. air speed is nice but you also need to have a high cfm with the air speed

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