STIHL BG86 Handheld Blower Review

I’d consider this blower the most powerful handheld I’ve ever used. It’s priced around $250.00. That’s a little pricey but worth it. It’s a good unit for what it is, but my only concern is comfort. Why? Watch the video to find out.

Here’s some info on the unit itself…

I shouted out SEF The Lawn Surgeon at one point in the video.
Here’s his channel…

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Victor Santos says:

Jake the snake … spi tx

Tyler Lewis Von Quintus San Antonio Texas says:

did you buy a walker Mower

Paul Bartle says:

It’s not a bad blower. But mine takes forever to warm up. I only have about 4-5 hours of run time on mine. I literally start it, put it on the ground and come back to it 3-5 mins later so it’s warmed up.

james pope says:

should just spend few more bucks and get the Sh 86 model. sheder vac/ blower. you will find out its just as good as any backpack blower. nice review

Chant's Daily Hustle says:

Great info and Edit Jake!

El rincon de la Jardineria says:

Great channel friend
greetings from Mexico

brett j says:

For another $50 you can buy a used br 600 on Craigslist

Zeppish says:

Shindi has the best most powerful handheld, I tried it and it was like a backpack in a small package.

Tboy The Rapper says:

I think for the extra $20, I would just get the br200 backpack, handhelds just numb me up, good video!

Swag vlogs says:

Ok thank you

Zach Hefner says:

Backpack is definitely the way to go

Mr. Cut Lawn Care, LLC says:

Great, informative review! Try it with the round tip next time for leaves, it will feel so much more powerful.

john walt says:

they are $499 in Australia

Fall River says:

Great video Jake! You also did an amazing job on the edit!

Swag vlogs says:

Where did you get your echo leaf blower from

V N says:

great video ..stihl for sure combines durability with performance …try taking off all the nosel l extensione with only the initial one left like geek to freak used to do. .it helps make it so much more maneuverable and doesn’t feel as cumbersome makes it feel more comfortable .. just a suggestion great video

The rated-r Superstar says:

Since I have 5 properties to clean up during the fall I have a br430

TwoGuysLawnLA says:

Nice review.. only thing i wish people would do is make videos of equipment once its about a year or 2 old. That way we can see how they hold up.

Swag vlogs says:

Is that going to be your new blower

Harrison Fowler says:

Great honest review. Thanks!

Fan o Man says:

i seen the 86

Nathan-Man says:

I love that handblower, couldn’t agree more with you Jake, I use one daily during the warm months where I work

Elf Lords Journeys says:

How about reviews on leaf mulcher/shredders?

Mikey Kittl says:

You can buy a backpack blower for 250

Glyn Robinson says:

I bought a bg86 early spring this year. Works like a beast!


good video Jake
cheap lightweight and powerful handheld blower is the HITACHI… i have 4 years with it….non problem

Hereinliesthetruth says:

I used my BG55 just yesterday. Property looks better and I feel like I’m ready for Spring.

Triple-D's Lawn Care & Services says:

you be publishing some crispy videos

Swag vlogs says:

I have got this blower now thank you

Swag vlogs says:

What did you get for Christmas jake

Roman Soldier says:

Good review bud,do you have a p.o box can I send you a backpack blower

C&C DreamScapes says:

I just recently bought Stihls BG50 in Ausgust. I wanted something small for blowing out flower beds and little stuff like that because I already have an Echo PB 580. THe BG 50 is extremely lihgtweight and easy to use. Best bang for your buck for only $130-$140

Swag vlogs says:

I have got one now thank you

The Lawn Care Nut says:

The music montage in the end was awesome! Great review bro.

Premier landscaping says:

My neighbor got that blower last spring,you would always hear it running and it would shut off…..AHH DANG IT!! lol!

Loganbay says:

Jake Where is your hearing protection? You did not mention the sound difference or what you thought of how loud this machine is? Blower sound is a big issue in some neighborhoods

Coyote The Gamer says:

Stihl is the best. German all the way

Momgumery says:

I have the fs56 trimmer that has the same kind of engine. That the bg86 has

Fan o Man says:


DeePsix says:

For a first time homeowner getting first equipment, do you still recommend the echo?

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