Ryobi Leaf Blower and Vacuum (RBV3000CESV) UK Review

If you are looking for a Leaf Blower or / and Vac then this video could help you decide whether to buy this model….or not 😉


Richard Pearson says:

will you blooming well stop fastforwarding

Brian Hurley says:

Bought the same one from B and Q Used it for 20 minutes,it worked fine.Tried it again after leaving it in shed for 6 months. Not working.Wish I had seen your video before buying.

The Barefoot Doctor says:

WHo else just was here to watch the doggie? XD

Jackzuk says:

I got one of these a month ago, I’ve done my +100ft garden couple of times and so far so good. My lead was orange rather than black. You should defiantly use the strap, it takes a lot of the weight off ur arms, and u can then hover it over the leaves rather than dig it into the leaves, so u only pick up the leaves and not mud and gravel. U were quite rough with it (maybe coz u was 1 handed) and looks at some points u sealed the end hoover like when someone puts their hand around a house hoover hose making the suction stronger which maybe caused it to over heat and collect gravel. I found the wheels useless. For blowing u need to lift it up more which u could see work better for u when u did this in ur video. Also not sure if u should be sucking when the leaves are wet, when wet and much heavier, i don’t mine of a nice day when the leaves are lighter and crispy. I did find it useful use to rake 1st and make a line of leaves to suck up, this might seem like defeating the object having the unit in the 1st place which is kind of true but the mulching part means u can bin much more leaves, i would say the mulching probably reduces it into a pile that 3/4 x smaller.

Keone Licciardi says:

Stihl Are Much Better

LLL K says:

You remind me Mark Knopfler some 35 years ago:))

eian flanagan says:

If you would have taken the vacuum tube off then the blower part would have worked better.

The Barefoot Doctor says:

thug life

Hamish MacMonster says:

Thanks for that. I was actually thinking about a blower thingy. I will certainly avoid that one. Thank you!

jesoby says:

I have a garden with lots of nooks and crannies. I have no use for a blow function but a good vacuum would be very useful. Bought a Black & Decker and gave it away as suction was frankly pathetic.

Colin Mill says:

Many thanks – very useful and saved me £60. Was thinking of getting a blower-vac but looking at this I reckon my spring-tine rake + wheelbarrow method is faster even if it does take slightly more effort.

Julia Wright says:

I found this quite useless. Might be self-evident to you, not to me. Got it assembled but couldn’t get the grill thing off that attaches the blowers to the machine.

Michael Summers says:

These work great, blower is very powerful but you are supposed to have either blower or suction pipe on not both.

tonyp741 says:

Almost 30 years in tool hire here… My cheap Tesco £30 was considerably better than this one as a comparison.  Your blow function as you say is terrible, it should really blow hard.  The cheap Tesco one I have is amazing compared.  When it stops sucking, its my experience its blocked at the outlet to the bag.  Switch off, remove bag, dig out the twigs etc, run it up to clear and continue (maybe a few cycles in blow/vac to aid the clearance).  Best technique I find is blow all leaves into a pile, pick those leaves up and bin/compost and vac the final part.  I find they are efficient blowers, relatively inefficient vacs.

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