Ryobi 40v Leaf Blower vs. Ryobi 18v Leaf Blower Review

A little demonstration of the two cordless Ryobi leaf blowers. If you have either battery system, these are nice products for the money. UPDATE: Just used the 40v blower to do real lawn work. It is much better than the 18v.


joe hall says:

Turbo lasts 10 min high last 40 min low lasts 1 hr that’s for the EGO

M McNoodle says:

Is this the Model # RY40410A or the Model # RY40411 40v?

Smedleydog1 says:

The newer high capacity One+ 18v batteries are 72wh. I noticed a big difference with my line trimmer as far as run time. I have a 3.5 acre lot and can do the whole yard with just one 72wh battery, where I used to change batteries with the old 47wh ones. Granted, I am not mowing the whole lawn with it, but I probably have more trimming than most people that have .25-.5 acre lots. I still have 4 high capacity NiCad batteries that came with my original kit, (remember the blue tools?) if anyone needs them… : )

EastendBillythekid says:

Ryobi   made a little bit of weak garbage  but hey good for dust in Garage and steps .. Nothing serious

Smells exquisite says:

Hi is the petrol Ryobi more powerful for removing wet leaves???

killerrush77 says:

“worse test ever” LOL, thanks for the vid!

goheat77 says:

the 18v is an awesome machine weighs less very light and has a  lot of power. Only I dont like about the small one is the batter design. After a moving the leaves and all the turns and side to side movements you make while working the battery actually shifts and moves causing the pin blades that make contact with the battery inside to shift off and you get no contact.. so you bend back into place and off you go but after so many times it breaks. I wish they sold that part or I would be on my 4th one…

By the way I use it daily at a huge parking garage and it last me a good 20 minutes on the full size 18volt… It gets the job done its just a shame the pins break 

Marc says:

Get the 8amp electric one for only $40 compared to $150. The CFM which is the most important metric is 440 in the electric vs 300 in the 40V battery one and only 20mph slower (135 vs 155 in the battery one). Bottom line u will move more leaves and debris faster and save about $100.

ItsJustAGameMan says:

Thanks for the reply Fernbark. I think the point of the hybrid is maximum mobility with the battery and unlimited power with electric (or at least that’s what the marketing says). I’m getting it for the mobility and because I already have some 18vs laying around. I’m also getting just the head unit (no battery or charger) for $69 from HD online, so it’s a good value.

Michael Harlan says:

I loved at 4:48 where he starts tossing a salad, like he’s a waiter at Olive Garden.

E A says:

The 18V is a “hybrid”. Does it get more powerful when it’s plugged in?

LLB LLB says:

I got one of the smaller blowers a few months back to help with clean up at work and around the house and have to say the thing is a game changer if it fits into your usage. Not sure I’d want to try and blow around large wet/damp piles of leafs with it but for shop clean up, patio, walkways, things like that this thing takes all the work out of it.

I’m thinking I get about 20 – 25 min of run time off of a single 4Ah battery. The run time on one of the 1.2Ah batteries is way too low for comfort though.

Gene Cotton says:

Odd question for you…would either of these units be powerful enough to dry a wet car?

ItsJustAGameMan says:

Can you compare the new 18v hybrid blower against the 40v blower.  The specs suggest that the new hybrid puts out 150/200 mph/cfm vs the 40v’s 150/150 mph/cfm.  Whereas the 18v you tested here is rated at 120/120 mph/cfm.  Since cfm is the more important spec for ‘volume’ of air moved, I would suspect the new hybrid 18v to outperform the 40v.  Any thoughts?

Alex Felton says:

Sitting in Home Depot trying to choose between more power ot thr batteries i already use…thanks great video!

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