Redmax Backpack Blower Review- The best blowers in lawn care

In my opinion, Redmax makes the best backpack blower. The video shows 4 different model backpack blowers. See the power of the blowers in action.


Dels Lawn Care says:

The best video I ever seen. I love Redmax. 2 8 year old trimmers, 2 8 year old blowers, 1 6 year old blower, 1 8 year old hedge trimmer, 1 8 year old edger. I have bought couple other brands in past two years and nothing can match Redmax. I know they are old but I never had any of them items in for service. I do the tune ups my self once a year. Jason thanks for all your videos. My kids even watch your videos.

Tony's Lawn care says:

I gave you a shout out in my latest video love your channel

RDS Lawn Care & Snow Removal says:

Best blowers on the market… EBZ 8500 … I’ve tried others but this one out performs bye far…

Gravel Back Mechanic says:

It’s my birthday today. I’m so happy that you have decided to send me one of those beautiful blowers. You are such a generous person.

Tony's Lawn care says:

Great video bud I love my 8500 but I love my stihl 600 just as much too

griffin galletta says:


Home Theater Junky says:

I have a 5150 and a Red Max hand held blower one pull starts every time. Great blowers.

Dave the pond guy says:

watch out saw landscape trailer in the background stalking you

Francisco Huerta says:

redmax 8500 the best

Henry Tauch says:

I think not much different I should buy the 7500 first

Mow's Lawn & Iron says:

Lmao!! That 8500 made that thing fly!

Joe Blow says:

I use the 5150 also as my go to, when I want more power I use the walk behind. The cooling vents on the back pads are very nice and my 8500 does not have them. My brother has a 150bt husky but it does not blow as strong as my 5150s dealers says its a carb adjustment, other than that they are identical. Good video.

Alex the Railfanning Redneck™ says:

Redmax Backpacks are Made by Husqvarna

Chris Smith says:

I’ve got 8500s and love them…. As far as I’m concerned it’s the only blower on the market… Had one stolen out of a truck… Only negative was replacing it… Thanks man

Rodney Turner says:

what’s price range

Primo Landscaping says:

Your test proves it. There’s no replacement for displacement.

Shindaiwaman261 says:

They used to make an EBZ3000RH but that was discontinued in 2011. Same thing as a Husky 130BT. Techcailly all the Husky backpacks are RedMax cause they use the Zenoah Komatsu engines it’s just a different name.

Zane Hill says:

How do you like them comfort wise and is the tube very flexible, only complaints i’ve heard and I want to buy one for this leaf season! I’m wanting to buy the 8500. Also I don’t know which one the RH or the hip mounted one…..

Greg Jordan says:

whats wierd is i never heard of red max blowers but i have the stihl br 600 and the echo pb 770 h and i fucking love both of them i think the stihl br 600 is a biy better its more powerfull and lighter than the echo but the biger redmax looked preatty powerfull idk if its more powerfull than the stihl br 600 but now they just came out with a br 700 that thing looks bad ass i want that hahahah

C10KID96 says:

I love my Stihl these look good too!!

nankervisj says:

You can easily tell which one is louder though…. ;D that’s probably the only thing I don’t really like about the Redmax blowers (especially the 8500); They are high-pitched and you can hear them from the next city…… That’s what I love so much about the Stihl’s, even if they have a bit less power. Not that the noise bothers me too much becuase I always wear earmuffs or earplugs (as you should) but given I’m in Australia we have very tough noise restrictions so that’s probably why I can’t find any Redmax stuff over here :/

Vera Lawn Care says:

You are right the redmax blowers are amazing it starts up really easily two pulls when its cold and sometimes when its hot just one pull, my old echo used to be a pain to start.

Josh Childs says:

the red max 8500 is a beast. makes my sthil br 600 look small.

tigergreg8 says:

If the difference were only a couple hundred or so, that 8500 would be well worth getting.

travis10ist says:

redmax 5150, husqvarna 350ts and jonsered bb2250 are same engine lol

Edge lawn care says:

nice vid

John H says:

I seal-coated asphalt for a few summers. Redmax blowers can really push rocks around. They can can take a lot of physical abuse. I’ve used Echo and Stihl as well. Echo and Redmax can take more physical abuse than Stihl. Such as falling off trucks and trailers at in-town speeds. Employees can be idiots…. Nothing wrong with Stihl if you don’t have other people using your stuff. Redmax blowers are top. Echo trimmers and edgers dominate the competition.

AxelsLandscaping says:

I got a EBZ 7150 and EBZ 8500, great blowers.

Rell Monger says:

Husqvarna 580bts is the same as Redmax 8500. I will put stihl bring to shame

John Foshee/ Foshee Lawn Care Service says:

Good reviews Jason. Like you I like the throttle on the handle instead of on the left side. I currently run a Stihl BR400 for my backpack blower choice and it does good for the jobs I currently do. But if I had to get a new one and was looking at RedMax, I would likely get either the EBZ 7500 or EBZ 8500 since they have more power (Though the 7500 has the same engine as the EBZ 6500) and can reduce your time on the job either blowing off driveways and patios or blowing leaves for fall cleanups.


still stronger than the stihl br700 i took the br700 back to dealer redmax 8500 the king

Henry Tauch says:

I got both now the EBZ 8500 and the 7500

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