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Grass Daddy says:

man that thing blows. sorry I had to.

Nick Bader says:

What’s cfm

aron john says:

i have one love it..3 years still going

JAIME DZ says:

I just buy one on presidents day offer for 115$ I had just try it once and it does the work, just for the yard at home , cheap and gets the work done

BSMOWaterfowl says:

I think the bad reviews are due to it being a homeowner blower vs a commercial blower. Homeowners don’t always get 50:1 fuel ratio correct

adnan tariq says:

It’s great when it works, and yes it is cheap. But my problem with my ryobi backpack blower is that it will often stop working when trying to go full throttle. It starts, I even let it warm up, but when trying to go full power it will make a strange sound and eventually stop. This happens almost everytime I try to go full throttle. PLEASE HELP

Julio Orozco says:

from my experience the back pack is garbage. I had one for 2 month and now it don’t start. changed a few parts and still having problems. for 50 bucks more you can just get a sthil hand held with the same power and better quality.

Mow's Lawn & Iron says:

Man thats awesome! I had my bg55 and all I heard was complaints! But I personally never once had an issue once I learned how to start it correctly

Marc Marsala says:

I have the same piece of shit and I won’t stay running got it last september.  I called Ryobi and the said carb adjustment to bring it to one of their service centers they will do it for no cost. Which I did and they wanted to charge me 50$ just to look at the piece of junk.  I called them back and got no help from them.  I will never by a Ryobi again looking at the Husqvarna 150Bt.  my buddy has one and he hardly pulls the cord and it starts no problem.  Ryobi will not stand behind their equipment. They blow hard,

EJ's Lawncare says:

awesome vid again bro, i liked and subscribed, b sure to checkout

Shannon Lawson says:

I bought one and had it for a year and a half. It worked great at first but then it started bogging down. I have replaced the carburetor, fuel lines, filter and spark plug but still have the same issue. I only use True Fuel in my equipment so its not a fuel mixture problem. The new carb came with a pacman tool and I have adjusted it according to Ryobi’s tech support specs. It seems that everyone who is having problems with this blower are having the same issues. I have since gone out and bought a Stihl but would like to figure what the issue is. Any suggestions?

giorgio elias says:

it only last for 3 months

JWN Lawn Care says:

Great video man! I am about to get myself another backpack blower. It is one of those no-name brand ones I think but it’s $200 so I can’t complain and I only need it for like 4 jobs. Funny though it looks almost exactly like the Husqvarna 150BT! Maybe I will just get myself a couple of Husqvarna stickers and slap em on lol ;D

Mario Saenz Landscaping Services says:

not enough power

yowmemperor says:

Buddy had this, worked great for about 3 months, then needed a carb. 1 year later needed another. He borrowed by Stihl BG55 ans said it blew just as well, if not better. which surprised me. I think Ryobi has build quality issues. Some are great, others aren’t.

jd 35 says:

it’s a piece of shit bogs down and shuts off . dont buy it

LostBushcrafter says:

I like the Ryobi lawn care tools because I always support the underdog. When I get rich I’ll buy Stihl or Redmax; not anytime soon though

thelawnmower monster says:

thank you

bubayou says:

I think people just don’t know how to start it. It has a cold start method and a warm start method.

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