Portland 3-in-1 Electric blower/vacuum/mulcher Review from Harbor Freight

I bought a blower/mulcher today at Harbor Freight. I took it home and tested it out on moving some different materials.


westrew63 says:

Just bought this 7/22/16. Used it for 3 minutes. It burned out. Going back for return

sarah oliver says:

Thanks for making this video it was very helpful!!

Peter Shaulis says:

Great thorough video. Thanks. I’m going to get mine today. By the way, love your personality in the video, you seem like a good dude to grab a beer with.

inertia210 says:

I really love harbor freight, and really dislike the people who down talk them. I think I’ll pick me up one got alot of rain in texas so lots of grass cutting and need to push around the grass clipping

Jim Kopriva says:

Nice video! Never knew what mulching meant until now


Thanks for the video. I have been contemplating buying one for a while. still not completely sold but your video was the most informative i have seen. Thank you and more videos!

305partyflix says:

Great Review. Thank you for taking the time for putting this together!

Ron Oberleitner says:

really well done! thanks!

Billy says:

great review. just ordered mine..thank’s dude

Wasting Time says:

The red button doesn’t “switch the motor around” silly. Thats always the air intake and the blower end is the outflow. You’re just putting the collection bag on the outflow and vac tube on the intake. Red button is prob a saftey so motor wont turn on unless tube or cover is on.

Nathan booming says:

very good review video!

J ORTIZ says:

Great video. thanks buddy. I will buy one.

Red Woods says:

Good review but a simple electric pressure washer ($100 at HF) will do a faster, cleaner, more thorough job AND is more useful for siding, windows, cars, concrete, stone. A PW with suction hose will also spray insecticides, soaps, fertilizers, weed killers out 30 feet.


looks like junk

Bill C says:

awesome review, thanks!!

Steven Miller says:

Thanks for the video!

Z Worm says:

camera person did a good job. As did you. Liked to have seen some mulching, Just got an email re. this item. I think I shall pick one up.

Jessica Garcia says:

thinking of buying one for doing yard work at mother in laws house. I really need to see how the mulcher setting does. she get over run with pine straw and leaves this time of year

Nathaniel Aranda says:

come to know Jesus

michael lynn simmons says:

I just replaced mine back in july after purchasing it in may 2015..It’ll work great for a time or two, then i’tll bomb out. I WENT OUTSIDE JUST THEN WITH MY 4YR OLD TO GET UP LEAVES, IT STOPPED WORKING AGAIN. ARRRRGH!!!! I just called harbor freight back and they referred me to the main company of harbor freight 1-800 number, which they’re closed til monday 7a.m.. i’m on my wy to Home depot to purchaSE A DIFFERENT BLOWER NOW…if you get it, get warranty, because theses only last about 2 yards worth of work, then after you try to use it next time it doesn’t work. HARBOR fREIGHT HAS SOME GOOD BARGAINS SOMETIMES BUT SOME ARE DUDS

Michael Hedden says:

Purchased this last April of 2015. Used the leaf blower only and it was great. This Nov.2016 used the mulch bag 1 time and the zipper broke when emptying bag. No teeth missing and not ripped and not a full bag. Called HF and they don’t repair or have a replacement available to buy. Not worth it for just a blower

Haven says:

Good video dude…now I want one.

Matt Sanchez says:

Vee, thanks for the review because I’m thinking of buying this and your review was helpful.

Jesse Parris says:

Would have liked to have seen the vacuum attachment in action.

shawn h. says:

is the mulcher/chopper made of metal or plastic?

Vu Nguyen says:

I almost bought this last Sunday, but after watching this video, I am definitely going to go back and buy one. Great video!

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