New EGO Cordless Blower 575 CFM 56V 5.0Ah – Review and Demo

EGO created the mega-powered cordless blower category and they have no intentions of giving up the crown. DO NOT buy a blower without first watching this video


Kim Wiltz says:

Great Review

thomas heath says:

hey Andrew you say it takes an hour to charge this battery,,,not true,,,on rapid it takes just over 30 minutes,,,,we all have the rapid charger,,,we are listening…..

Josh Basco says:

Considering buying this for my dad and i want to know is there a big difference between the 530 and 575???

jpntjp1 says:

I have this blower and it sucks mate. I have a 4 stroke that blows rings this one sorry mate.

howell food says:

great review

Tabasco says:

Can you include the Stihl when you do the Kite Army blower bonanza? Trying to choose between Ego and Stihl.

Dewey Oxburger says:

I would like to see a head to head with the Greenworks Pro 60-Volt leaf blower. I know the amps are lower but the price of the Greenworks is about $170 cheaper. The question is the ego worth the extra money?

J-F C says:

Wheres the ping pong ball test?

uTubed007 says:

Didn’t find the video informative but I sure enjoyed watching it still and it’s all because of you, your persona. Thank you also for the teaser, i’ll stock-up on the popcorn for that blower bonanza 😉

Alpha Music NCS says:

awesome video!

Kool MaDa says:

So if you take the 2016 model and slap that 5 amp battery on it…. is it essentially the same without the button mods?

Dennis Mathias says:

At right around 1:25 you mention a lithium ARC? battery..what’s that? I think they’re lithium ion. Maybe this is special. Also, one is obviously more powerful than the older model. The new model is 280 watts while the older one was 140 watts. So they have kicked it up a notch IF they’re using all the power available. But since the CFM is higher they have to be using some of that power to get the extra volume. Current (5.0 amps) though is not the same as power which is a function of current and voltage. But it does state both are 56 volts so they just put twice as many cells in the new one and pull more current to get the power up. That would (assuming identical chemistry) result in a battery pack that is has twice as heavy cell payload.

Do you know, is this motor brushless? Can’t wait for the new video..Blower Bonanza!

Mark Goodman says:

So glad they added the shoulder strap and the lock in place setting. Can’t wait to try that one out! Nice video, very informative.

Aaron Dewberry says:

How does this blower compare to Ego’s backpack blower, the LB6002?

Scott Margerum says:

We must be getting on in years when we get excited about a leaf blower … I just got the new 21″ self propelled mower ego makes with that fat 7.5 aH battery went over my yard twice with it and still had 75% juice left – I going to try and mow my yard and then go do my parents yard without charging the battery just to see if I can do the same for them without it dying – their yard is twice the size of mine … the price made me cringe so i really hope they don’t go bumping it even further for the other tools… I still need a leaf blower, edger, and chain saw for pruning but I not sure about the power head system just yet…

John Holden says:

How does the extra weight & handling compare with last years model? Also, is it lefty friendly? If I also get the string trimmer, would I be better off with 2 2.5 Ah batteries (with the 530 blower and trimmer), or 1 5 Ah battery to share (575 blower and trimmer)? Thanks!

Scott Devor says:

Andrew, thank you for these reviews. I’d love to know if it makes any difference in CFM power when putting a 5aH battery on the 530CFM model. I’ve heard users claim that the 5aH makes a difference in cutting power for the 14″ chainsaw. Any idea if a 5aH might make a difference in increased CFM on the 530 model? Love to know your thoughts or see a side by side with same 5aH battery. Thanks, again!

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