NEW! – Best Leaf Blower, Vac & Mulcher? BV5600 Test, Review & How to Assemble

In this video we perform several tests on the Black+Decker BV5600 Blower/Vac/Mulcher to find out if it’s really the best. Also, a visual guide to assembly.

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AS PROMISED, here is the link the the BV5600

You may also want to get an extra extension cord or two:

The decibel meter by BAFX Products used in this video:

Please note, there was a safety recall on the fan cover of the BV5600. If you own one, get a free replacement cover here:


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Hand held mulcher

Thanks for hanging out!


manishkanodia1 says:


Krehee says:

pq que eu to assistindo isso??

Leon Barbee says:

Thanks for this video and instructions… the BD instruction sheet is actually worthless, how can a company do such a poor job of explaining assembly. I’ll now go back and put this machine together (mainly got it for the vacuum feature)… shame on BD, and thanks to this gentleman for showing the assembly process.

Robert Cornelius says:

With just a small modification, I could see someone launching hamsters. Maybe this would turn in to a new sport???

uTubed007 says:

You didn’t answer if it was the best.

Howard B says:

I have the new BV 2900 at 11 amps and it works great also…



pogiguy05 says:

Well I have owned a few different types and the main thing i find is as a vacuum the housing is made of plastic. No matter how much you try NOT to your going to suck up things other then leaves. If it is things like small rocks or something hard it will eventually crack the housing which sucks.

Sherman C. Anderson says:

Impressive video but..the needs and capacities of a leaf vacuum must be matched to the volume of work to do. Eight leaf seasons ago (years) I married a lady whose home has 32 hardwood trees on a lot 125′ X 250′. I could write a book on selecting leaf blowers and the pros and cons of several concepts. With my MacKissic Might Mac VCB1100 walk behind vacuum I mulch 8:1 and create about 700 to 800 cubic feet of excellent mulch with no pine needles (too acetic for tilling into garden soil). I bought a used 2000 Stihl BG-85 on eBay and have acquired three machines since then. I feel qualified to suggest the Black & Decker might be great for a yard with one or two trees. Any more trees will justify bigger equipment no matter what happens to the leaves.

Vincent Lawrence says:

Looks like a Toro to me.

bfeezey says:


Arturistar says:

Great video – thanks.  Helped me to decide to buy it!

Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman says:

Was that $ 94 . 49 plus tax , & if not , how much does it cost at what store ? .

Brandon Wilding says:

nice video bro

lysh says:

What a fantastic review and tutorial! I appreciate you putting in the work for this. Thanks much!

S.S. C. says:

I’ve been through 3 of the Black and Decker leaf blower mulchers over the last few years. The first lasted the longest. The LAST one died today while I was blowing off my patio. Unless they have improved the motor, don’t waste your money.

sotijas says:

can you catch mice with it though?

Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman says:

Should add to the video 3 foot tall wet leaves , being mulches , & another clip being 3 foot tall pile of dry leaves , & what would happen while sucking up acorns . Will you add those 2 clips into the video , please , & or send the link under this video , please ? .

Ron Last says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Like others, I was confused with the paper assembly instructions that came with the B&D device. But your easy to follow tutorial, I was able to see my way thru assembly. I don’t know why B&D doesn’t create their own vid tutorial to accompany their product.

physx of gaming says:

this is a high performance redneck turbo

manishkanodia1 says:

what wire will connect to the BV5600

skeets skeets says:

Wonder how it would work in chopping up apples for cider?

Don Bigger says:

… it’s not a trap …..

dfarns123 says:

I wish you hadn’t sped the video up when you were running the vacuum/mulcher. I’m sure most people watching want to know how long it took to vacuum up that small pile of leaves. By running the video at 2x you took away one of the main reasons for watching the video. I have to conclude that it’s very slow at vacuuming, even though I wanted to think otherwise.

MN SHP says:

at 7:21 what is the song

M G says:

What if there are acorns in my leaves?

Hebe Hebeella says:


Handsome Jack says:

now that i see how it works… IT IS ACTUALLY A TURBOCHARGER!

Jane Guo says:

Is there a good cordless blower/vacuum?

Jeff Werner says:

mine worked excellent for about 20 minutes then completely shut off and wouldnt turn back on out of nowhere. returned it following day. read similar incidents about this product too

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