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I have quite a collection of leaves in my yard and would like to mulch them. Black & Decker’s BV3100- can vaccum up leaves and run them through a mulching blade. But how mulch is too mulch? Or in this case, not mulched enough? Oh yes, it is also a comfortable to use leaf blower.

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ditc210 says:

best way to mulch leaves is to run the lawnmower over it with a bag attached. just raise enough to suck up leaves

C S says:

I love the title of this lol. I could use one of these. Oh boy do we have so many leaves here. soooooooooo many. mulch would be a nice way to deal with them. I like that

Nathan Appelbaum says:

There is also a button you need to press to turn on the mulcher

Mark Forrest says:

Hi Paris. We’ve tried garden vacuums a few times and always thought they’re more effort than they’re worth. They really only work as a blower. Does yours have a weed whacker type gadget inside to do the chopping? Cheers

M Mitchum says:

That looked like a lot of work. I would if you blew all the leaves into a pile first, and then sucked them up… would that be faster?

Also… my wife would be the ‘hey, look at that!” person in my house if I fell off the roof.

Selene Guida says:

What about the bugs? 🙁

Teri Ruiz says:

Another great video Parris, totally helpful too. It sounded like the perfect tool but yeah you’re right, that amount of shredding isn’t really much of any difference and isn’t worth it at all, at least not in my mind. I don’t even have any trees that lose their leaves (mesquite trees) but I have a neighbor that I always oogle their trees and leaves and wish I could snag them easily (am wheelchair bound so this tool really looked like something I’d be able to use) but alas I just don’t think this is worth the hassle. Great video though.

Nathan Appelbaum says:

Can you please review the Worx Tri-Vac?

cartmanschili says:

With summer almost upon us, I was wondering if you can keep an eye out for Yoshi grilling mats. It’s a mat you can grill on made of metal I believe. Should make fish easy to grill without falling through. I saw them at Jo Ann fabrics . I’m not sure if you have that store in Texas. Take care

Scott Warren says:

Great review. Wish it was unlawful for companies to put incorrect claims on the packaging.

7531monkey says:

I think it would work better with bigger leaves like maple leaves in the fall. At least you can bag them up with it.

Rosser Wrenn says:

You do get a better ratio with the larger leaves

Megan Rudd says:

Parris I would also try the worx turbine fusion leaf blower it is working for me. Also if you try the worx turbine fusion can you please make a review about it?

Darren Mcnamara says:

I had a Black and decker leaf blower/mulcher some years ago and mine seemed to cut up the leaves way better than your new one does to the point where the older model would have come very close to the 10 to 1 ratio that they advertise. I wonder if the one you purchased has a problem with the mulcher blade or it is just not performing the way that it should. You could hear pretty loudly the leaves going through the blades on mine but yours seemed pretty quiet except for the vacuum/blower motor,  just a thought. Keep up your great reviews.

dnpnsrosales3 says:

hi I have one of these though an older model. I found using my lawnmower on mulch mode works best. it’s too much work with the vacuum/mulching. good luck great video.

Robert Branson says:

i would have to give the mulching action 2 thumbs down

Phillysub says:

It’ll be more efficient to blow the leaves into piles, then vacuum/mulch the leaves from the piles. Would be interested in the battery-powered blowers

Sharis Reviewing FUN says:

DANG! That sucks it doesn’t chop the leaves up smaller! I would def want them smaller! Would be worth it then for sure but not the way it does now! GREAT REVIEW!

Jason Miller says:

Hey Mister,
Thank you once again for this review. I really enjoy your reviews. You seem to enjoy the production and I just LOVE your enthusiasm. Keep up the great work, and God bless ya.

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