Leaf blower review Stihl vs Hitachi vs Dolmar + Shindaiwa 802 backpack

Review of Shindaiwa 802 backpack blower Stihl BG55 Hitachi 24cc and Dolmar Makita 25cc 4 stroke
All 3 leaf blowers are used commercially for lawn care and landscaping.I keep saying cruise control. I meant throttle control 🙂
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turdsandwicher says:

I also have a bg 55 that has always been really hard to start. Cleaning the arrestor seems to help sometimes, I changed the spark plug and that helped for a while. Maybe it needs a new carb? I dont know. Seems like the plug and arrestor just get gummed up too easily. Maybe a new fuel filter would help?

Ron Staudinger says:

i remove all spark arresters,

Primo Landscaping says:

I’d like to know what you use in your business or around your home and what your experience has been with your equipment.

Maxwell Smart says:

Even though the Dolmar/Makita is more expensive, I think you should have been more clear that it is a 4 stroke/4-cycle, no oil mix straight gas unit. Also noise a vibration should be big points, a 4 cycle tends to be quite a bit quieter. I did enjoy your review style, just need to e a bit clearer on some details. Please continue with the personal experience style though.

Zach says:

Shindaiwa EB 802 CFM Regular Pipe: 695 cfm Turbo Pipe: 618 cfm Hitachi 441 cfm

Alex the Railfanning Redneck™ says:

at least do an operating demo on them.

97 Yukon GT says:

Dolmar-Makita makes some nice 4 stroke equipment.

lundsay says:

i see your from my town judging by the triole sticker on the stihl lol. i am a stihl guy. you have to cut the spark arrestor screen off. i remove every spark arrestor off all my equipment. where abouts in the city do you most of your work?

1bigjohn11 says:

even Trump likes Echo

geravega77 says:

Great review I’m buying the hatachi you convince me. I’m just starting my lawn business. Wanted to pay the least money then later on upgrade to something like the backpack one. New sub here.

Glenn Lurman says:

ignore the noise cut the arrestor shield off behind the screw in thread.

stan says:

Are you something other than a landscaper? Your eloquence in this unbiased review, could have you as a technical writer, journalist, or some other occupation that requires clear thinking along with the ability to formulate and express oneself. I’m pretty amazed at Hitachi and your narration. Thanks.

Dave B says:

I have the Dolmar as well. My understanding is the 4 cycles are based on the Robin/Subaru 4 cycles. Exceptional small engines.

fourtysix4646 says:

Try just removing the spark arrester. I remove them off all equipment as soon as I have it home. Take that screen and throw it away. Also you should probably adjust your carb on the stihl it could be running slightly rich either that or you are not using a 50:1 mixture. I have 2 bg55’s and they don’t make a mess like yours does around the muffler.

GreenScapes LawnCare says:

Got a Hitachi that’s the same one as yours for $99 on sale

3פל שירותי גינון גנן מומלץ בתל אביב says:

I before buying a blower, which bellows you recommend to buy
We do not have Dolmar in Israel
But there is a stihl there is a Hitachi and there is a Shindawa has everything in Yasquorna and there is also Mariuma
I want a hand blower
I have an Echo hand blower and I’m not satisfied is weak
Please advise me
I think about BG86

Zach says:

the BG 55 had something wrong with it before u bought it maybe

May Bader says:

*Powerful>>>**ur2.pl/720**    although now I wish I bought electric. A little bit on the heavy side. Would still recommend this though*

joe cabrera says:

Stihl and echo hand blowers are crap, I work for a big landscaping and we used to replace them fairly often. I own a hitachi and I really like it.

Dive and Snorkel Carribean and Mexico says:

I have been disappointed with my Stihl BG86, very hit and miss. I use ethanol free gas, just a little gutless.

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