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From gasoline, electric and battery-powered handhelds to larger backpack and wheeled models, Consumer Reports Leaf Blower Buying Guide will help you choose the best for your yard. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at http://www.ConsumerReports.org and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez

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Scott - Boo - Mullarky says:

Get a rake and a broom

Chase F says:

Use a rake, you loud and lazy fucks. Pro-tip: if you use a leaf blower, your neighborhood really hates you.

Jayden Bien says:

I’m trying to get a backpack gas blower which one do you think is better a echo 215 mph 510 cfm 580t or a echo 233mph 651cfm

PIAGGIO 23 says:

I am a expert with leaf blowers

Katie Herring says:

We used to have an electric leaf blower. Ours was a Toro. We now have two gasoline powered leaf blowers.

Michael Galarza says:

Old fashioned way = silent ☺

Howard B says:

I have had gas and battery’s…Forget both..Gas engines are a pain in the you know what…I never had one that started in 5 pulls and after 6 months not at all…Then the battery models are garbage…If you need a new battery they cost more then the blower…Get a long cord like me and have no worries.

Cole Andrew 2021 Student SMS says:

i do it at anytime i do lawn care

arielatom03 says:

Everybody knows that the roadkill guys are the true experts in leaf blowers.

Michael Kuzma dutton says:

Get a good KAWASAKI backpack blower and you’ll be set for life.

Bruno TaTa says:

I owned a lawn maintenance company for over 20 years. Please do not listen to these effette lightweights about power tools. If you have any serious leaf blowing to get done, be smart and buy a compact gas backpack blower from a big brand like Echo, Husqvarna, Stihl, etc. They make commercial units and the technology on their low end models is close to commercial grade. They will last a lifetime with minimal care. These are mostly all throw-away units they’re reviewing. The power difference in a hand-held and a backpack is significant, and you will not wear your arm out swinging a blower around. $300 will buy a 510 cfm 215 mph commercial grade backpack blower that is fairly light. It will serve through about 1,000 uses before it needs anything beyond fuel.

Bero256 says:

Get a GeForce FX 5800 and you’ll get a nice compact leaf blower that will play games if sticked in a PC

Dan Burch says:

Another thing to consider is the CFM and air speed. Low CFM vs high air speed at the nozzle won’t move as much material as a high CFM and lower air speed. Ideally, you what both to be has high as possible. You wouldn’t use an air compressor, but for comparison of ratings, a large air compressor can probably put out 200 mph air through a 1/4″ hose, but 10 or 20 CFM won’t move much material.

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

I love my STIHL BR200! Nice quality. Plan to get a 600 or 500 in due time!

JaArRyi FleshBlood says:

Wheeled blowers are not that hard to turn

lawnchaser says:

actually no. the rounded ones are actually better for sweeping up leaves because the produce more cubic feet er minute. the flat ones are better for loosening up drt and bebris because the go at a higher wind velocity  but don’t do as well with leaves because the cfms are a lot lower. when purchasing a leaf blower, u don’t go with the one with the highest wind velocity. U wanna go with the with the most cfm (cubic feet per minute)And I’m saying this as a professional landscaper that’s been doing this type of work for years now

*Makaveli* says:

Buy a Stihl, nothing more to say! ..You will still be using it 30 years from now!…It is proven and there is a reason why people stick to the brand!

justin knuebel says:

There’s only 2 brands that make the best backpack blower stihl and red max but the best hand held blower hitachi/Tanaka and husqvarna

Mario's Hobbies says:

I have owned Electric and Gas and the one thing I’ve learned if you buy cheap they will break very quickly I use my leaf blowers quite a bit I use them for work as well even down to drying my truck at the carwash I just bought myself the echo PB – 250 and it’s the best one I’ve tried so I bought it and it’s amazing I was going to get the steal but it vibrates too much and I really like the echo when the fan is winding up almost sounds like a turbo

Nicole says:


Chase says:

I have the husqavana hand held blower and if you hold it with your right hand it won’t suck up your close, depends where the intake is but the hand works great for me but I recently bought a backpack, and the blowers aren’t even loud, depends how sensitive your ears are, electric is for people who live in tight proximity or you are just plain lazy or don’t have to time to maintain a motor, but if laziness is the case than why do you even have a blower, just hire someone.

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