Is The Echo PB-770T The Best Blower On The Market? | Review #Echoking

Thank you again to Echo for sending us this amazing blower. I honestly didn’t think that I would like it as much as I did but it definatly took me by surprise. Hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned for more videos!

**FOR ANY QUESTIONS ON THE PRODUCT, PLEASE LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW. For more information on the Echo PB-770T please read below for features, price and more!

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Price: $499.99

ECHO PB-770T Features:

– 63.3 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding preformance play video
-756 CFM and 234 MPH
-Exclusive vented back pad for user comfort in hot weather play video
-Padded backrest and shoulder straps for comfort
-Side-mounted, heavy-duty, dual-stage air filtration for long life
-Variable speed tube-mounted throttle with cruise control for operator convenience play video


Air Volume (cfm-pipe) – 756
Engine Displacement (cc) – 63.3
Maximum Air Speed (mph) – 234
Carburetor Diaphragm dB – 73
Starting System – Standard
Dry Weight (lbs) 24.3
Fuel Capacity (fl. oz.) 68.3
Consumer Warranty – 5 years
See-Through Fuel Tank – Standard
Commercial Warranty 2 years
Helper Handle – Standard

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Donald Pedigo says:

KNOBS……knobs……spelling suggestion…..Nice Review…..Very Clear Explanations and Very Good Visual Examples.

Billy Goat says:

My 770 is 3 years old and still going strong. By far the best purchase I have ever made with the fastest return on investment. Pure profit after 1 week of leaf removal jobs. Had to replace the straps after 2 years. Quick and easy ordering parts online. Great but for any startup business. $499 Free Shipping at Home Depot website.

Ham's Mowing says:

How is it on fuel compared to the Stihl?
Don’t really want a thirsty machine lol

Jonquil lawn & landscape says:

We have been running 3 770H for 3 years now and love them! Don’t be fooled echo makes professional grade equipment. We run all echo equipment(no stihl in this barn). The 770 is a big step up from the 500 in both speed and cfm. I’m 6’4 and have no issue with discharge pipe being to short. The cfm will pick all wet matted leaves right up! Good overall review Ambrose, welcome back to the dark side of echo backpack blowers.

Alex Films says:

There are many pros but all the cons are major cons

Ellen Shepherd says:

great video, very informative. maybe next time shorten the length of the music video of the blower… I really liked the pros and cons, how specific and well explained they were. My favorite is my Husqvarna 560 bts I think its stronger than the 660.

Traxxasmasterss says:

Thumb nail says 700t, just an FYI

EuroYard says:

Great video. I don’t have a single Echo machine so I can’t really judge. Biggest cons on BR 600 as you said is the tank design, loudness, and the on/off/lock switch.

Joey Vance says:

I just bought a PB-770 today and I love it! I’ve used the Stihl BR600, and the Husqvarna 580BTS/Redmax EBZ8500 and honestly the Echo out of all of them is the most comfortable on my back. The Husqvarna/Redmax is definitely the strongest blower power wise but it’s the loudest of them all. The stihl is really light but the padding sucks and doesn’t blow as strong as the Echo or Husqvarna.

Oliver Nash says:


Jak K says:

Great review but was more of a comparison to the br600

blonchay123 says:

If you ever got your hands on a red max ebz 8500 you’d never go back

Daniel reyes says:

I wish Echo can send me leaf blower because my three Echo are strong but I want something stronger like 770

LawnworksHawaii says:

good review. you have just helped me decide which blower I’ll be getting.

Cesar Salazar says:

i have the pb-580h and i love it! mine has good pads and that vent as well. blows pines even when they are wet

Josh OB says:

I like mine, i have a 580t, it has the same cons as you mentioned. but overall its ok, i wish the tube was more flexible, that would make it ezer to use. Prob would have gone redmax if i could have afforded it.

anthony sanchez says:

What do you recommend for back pack blowers I’m thinking echo 770 redmax 8500 or sthilbr600

Ari P says:

Good review, but the part cracking risk is not worth mentioning if nothing has cracked yet. You also left out the major point about the benefit of the shock absorbing system. That would prevent the ability to put a support as you suggested to the bottom and you rocked the blower and showed the shock system in action. But then you never mentioned it.

Ethan Evangelista says:

ive got two cons the air filter cover breaks where it starts to round-off and the starter a little hard to start I wish it had I-30 starting

Zach says:

i like mine, too…nozzle length is ok for me though i’m about as tall as my dad and i’m 15 it’s awesome i’m gonna be taller than him for sure if i don’t stop growing this week…lol… my backpack blower is great and powerful and i just bought a sprayer 2 days ago and so far that’s good, too

Scott's Lawn Mowing says:

I have a 770H I bought it used last week it is less then a year old, I have a 500 too, the 770 is a big step up but the locking tube comes off easily and I can’t get to full throttle (carb needs to be replaced eventually ) I chose it over the Br600 because I don’t like the 4stoke idea, in the fall I am going to buy another blower, I might go with EBZ8500 and try and get one off Ebay, I am Happy with the 770 but Echo should make it more sturdy, There going to have to make some improvements if they want me to buy another one in the fall.

David Cardone says:

Nice video….I’m going on season 3 with my 770H and still love it the same as the day I bought it. I’m an Echo FanBoy so I may be a little biased but I have used every brand of power equipment and have concluded that I prefer Echo to the rest. Just not a fan of the newer stihl 4 mix stuff. I feel it’s all a little too fussy. Plus, Echo warranty is hands down better than stihl. Even the commercial 2 year….Echo actually honors it….where as Stihl will deny a claim for numerous reasons relating to so called “operator error”….Lol. Although I have personally never had to use the warranty for any of my echo OPE. Anyway, my 770h starts 2nd pull to this day and runs just as strong. I do take very good care of my equipment but I also use it just as hard and can say with confidence….that it is one of the best backpacks on the market.

- ]TARKUS[ - says:

I notice the Echo shirt …..

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