Husqvarna 580BTS Blower Review

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Recently purchased four of these backpack blowers. Just a little tip on why I love them and in my case, prefer them over the Stihl
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Gerry's Green Landscaping says:

I have the 150BT, I want to upgrade I just don’t know which one I do like Husq and Redmax. Great video keep it up

Hazardra Lawn Care says:

for a backpack blower ive came down to the 580BTS and the Stihl BR450 c-ef. The 580 for the huge CFM, and the Stihl for the electric start. the 450 has very close to the same cfm of a 600 magnum or 700 for the same price so the 450 is a no brainer to me, but also for the same price i could get the 580 which is about 300 more cfm. UGH the decision will be so hard lol

1EVILZ06 says:

That thing blows like a $5 crack ho!

African Twin says:

damn, those USA prices compaired to EU NL prices are huge. Here we pay 1060usd 1000 euro for the 580 , and in the US 490usd. 1.32 gollon husqvarna pre-mix cost over 20 usd.

Brandon Garbacz says:

I love the 580 line blowers!
I have the bfs, line the throttle and kill switch are on your hid love these thing I have 2 and want 2 more!

awd ken says:

Last season I bought a couple 580’s. Absolutely love them! I just got mine with the other controls. I find that the “pistol grip” style controls get broken more often. Might have something to do with my guys lack of finesse. lmao

Odi Arroyo says:

thank you very much bro, im trying to start my own landscaping businesses here in Las Vegas, Nv, and personality i like the best of the best, i used to use the redmax back in Jersey, and i love them how they were blowing the wed piles of things

Craig Robinson says:

The New BR 700 out does that thing. Should’ve waited cause you wasted your money.

David C says:

I take the bottom tube off. Makes the tube lighter and gets the air stream even more broader

jeromy atherton says:

I have a red max 8500 and everything about this husqvarna blower is identical to mine from the nozzle to sound of the engine … The straps and color are the only diffrent I see

Rell Monger says:

I love mine. it blows my snow & about 10 other people.

Matt Reynolds says:

super good blower but man I hat the switch and the offset handle. If they would incorporate a stihl handle and switch this would be the best blower period.

Marvin Grant says:

just purchased one today from Wildwood Mower , Wildwood Fl… pretty pleased so far.. comfortable as can be.

Second Nature Lawn Care says:

Great review my friend. You just helped me make my decision.

Harry says:

Thanks mate, I enjoyed your review- from Australia

Jaymz Shields says:

dude husqvarna is all i run best blower on the market

Chris Kennedy says:

i am getting one in 2 months 🙂

SVTCobrapower RBLX says:

im getting both of the blowers the 580 and the 8500 next fall
im starting out next year
both of them are monsters!

Nicholas Shiplett says:

Great review! I have both the br 600 and the 580 bts. Love both the 580 is a beast. The 600 is great for everyday mowing and scoring stuck grass and leaves. The 580 kills for leaves and moving large piles of debris due to the 908 cfm

john barrington says:

Thanks for saying Husqvarna correctly 🙂

Yellow Jacket Lawn Care says:

Redmax EBZ8500 Or Husqvarna 580 BTS?!

Tony's Lawn care says:

nice bro . I have the redmax 8500 same blower its great but wish the motar was on springs like the stihl these just have bushings but a great blower

Whoa! says:

Did it ever occur to you that people just might want to see it in action?

rdizzle39 says:

Redmax is best blower I’ve ever used. been using em for 10+ years…great power…great reliability…wouldn’t go with anything else.

Groundskeeper Lawn & Landscape says:

I might have to ck that out! I got rid of my Redmax 8500 because the straps were so uncomfortable and were to tight on my large shoulders. The Husqvarna looks super nice too!

Patrick Kozal says:

The power of this blower is amazing, glad I chose this over the BR600. I love stihl but this thing is just a beast

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