Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower Review

Husqvarna 125B review and cold start!

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Nicholas Smith says:

Adjust the throttle using choke? Uh…okay?

rocket536 says:

Great review buddy thanks for doing it

Leo Cadiz says:

Thank you sir!  This was a very informative video.  I think I’ll go ahead and order it on Amazon for $159.

Brent Hill says:

just an orange poulan.

TheGunner1212 says:

clearly you know NOTHING about
a. correct clothing to wear
b. anything about that blower (clearly)
c. anything about a blower in general

jason cole says:

i have to drive a 11 miles just to get good fuel so the dam things will run cant use reg gas. i loose money on this blower and already had to get a repair done to the gas lines.

jason cole says:

mine is junk. fuel lines keep going bad. they said to use non ethanal gas

Kerry John says:

Yes I like it. This leaf blower definitely is #1 leaf blower for 2014. Love it. You can read the review here and also get big discount:

GamingWithChris says:

My dad had one just like that but someone stole it.

Larry Schardt says:

Thank you. Great info. Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

chalemi says:

Nice job on the video.

bourgkul says:

Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated!

M Gomez says:

Bought one at estate sale for $18. Will find out if it runs.

thecooldude615 says:

I have the same leaf blower

M Gomez says:

which screw did you turn to adjust the throttle.

Jayusa1966 says:

I picked one up for 5 bucks at a garage sale. It had the bad gas lines from ethanol. I replaced them, but the carb was bad. Got a new carb and runs like a top. Got a total of 23 dollars into it. Really nice blower for that money

king shaman says:

Nice leaf blower…but the vacuum clogs something terrible.
Wouldn’t hurt to have a bigger bag available – it fills up in 60 seconds

Patrick Vella says:

Thank You for explaining this machine step by step, it helped me a lot. I am looking at reviews on gardening equipment to assist me with the start up of a Lawn Maintenance business. Cheers, Patrick Vella, Melbourne, Australia.

Primo Landscaping says:

Went through 2 of these in less than 2 years. Not made for even light commercial use.

SVTCobrapower RBLX says:

its a great blower

Johnny Appleseed says:

HarryCo4, which screw will adjust the idle?  Brand-new out-of-the-box unit will not stay running on idle?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Love Husqvarna.

SiglerSpeednTN says:

great video! You taught this Ole dog a new trick with the carb adjust tool ya rigged up with the screwdriver and butt connector! Thanks and carry on.

cameron duncan says:

Got a gas tank huh? Nice. Good lid too. Phew, I was worried about that

Jose Sanchez says:

I have used one of these for light commercial duty for about 5 years now with no problems,so long as i do use good fuel and do regular maintenence on it,best thing about this blower is the fact that it was made for the right hand user in mind,most other handheld blowers have the air intake on the inside if you are right handed, not this one,that was part of what sold me,but now in the long run this turned out to be a very good buy.

Bob Lorrance says:

Husqvarna owns redmax and they are the same thing

Martina Sharkey says:

At least get some leafs and put on the drive it meant to be a leaf blower that’s point of the video so this gets a tumbs down from me.

josh33025 says:

The flat nozzle gives you a higher mph but less cfm. The round gives you more cfm and less mph.

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