Gas vs Battery Operated Handheld Blower – Lawn Care & Landscaping – Review

Gas vs Battery Operated Handheld Blower – BET YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO WINS!!!

Best Garden Bed Edger ECHO

Milwaukee Battery Operated Hedge Shears

Milwaukee Tool on YouTube

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Dave Bell says:

HAHAA nice review! I wonder how the long life of battery holds up. Habit of charging would definitely be the biggest issue. I have the echo. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Ryan Thompson says:

Keith the way you pumped that priming nipple, that was dope

Louie M says:

Dewued! Eighter of those are good, well I rather go with the Milwaukee works good for blowing out the garage and won’t leave it like your in the California smog. It also works great in the summer when there is light clippings on the walkways and patio. Great video seemed fun.

christine gilbert says:

Idea for a video: Job hazards. Like the customers who deliberately don’t tell you about their poison ivy. I know, get my own channel, blah blah blah.

That one Dude says:

Gotta go EGO if you go electric

Rumpa Stiltskin says:

5:43 You don’t have any grass? Call Pedro

Joseph Collins says:

One is loud but you can run for a few jobs without worry. the other is quiet but have to keep the charging in mind more often. When the batteries last all day, goodbye petrol forever

Kyle Williams says:

You are the man. You have taught me alot and it has helped my business grow tremendously. I would like to meet you someday along with Eric. Just live a state below you.

7eis says:

Best youtube video I’ve seen this year..

RickyisHere says:

Great video, awesome editing, I really enjoyed watching the video

Van Whalen says:

That was hilarious

Dawonne Jackson says:

Watching them both work, I will concur with your analysis. Nice review!

catalin scarlat says:

*This is an awesome little blower.>>>****    Strong force with good volume of air flow. Light but built sturdy. Tube is somewhat short but did not expect anything longer. Bought this to use when cleaning off the patio or front porch. Have a gas blower for heavy work. Very happy with this product!*

edmond mowing EGJD vaccums says:

Im gonna say you chose the ECHO

McCoy Nelson says:

Hey man I love your videos, I’m only 19 and I’ve been working a landscape job since I was 15 I seen some of your videos and I went out and got some lawns and started doing side jobs. Just completed my first landscape job took me 17 hours and I made $600 profit, same amount I make on an 80 hour check at my normal jo, best part the neighbors loved it and want me to do their yard as well. Your videos put a spark in me and now I’m addicted to the grind!

MartyMars Landscape Hustle says:

let me guess…electric??

Papi4l2 says:

What kind of oil do u use in ur 2 cycle mix?

Also, is this echo blower a new model?

Clean Ups says:

I love you brother!
After working 80 hours laboring and doing billing this week this made my life so much more beautiful.

The review was good but you are the star of the show lol

Keith WILL your future. Write down the $ number you want and sign it with a little blood sweat and tears and I’M SURE the wife-a-tron will be extremely surprised that all you had to do is THINK, WRITE and FOCUS and waaalaaa

Deborah Lin says:

what was the difference in noise level? how loud it was and the kind of sound?

Video-gamer-for-life says:

Milwaukee makes a charger, so you can charge it in your truck like anything else

Robert DeMilo says:

You clearly had a lot of fun making the video (little heavy on the edits and messing around parts) but its good to hear a “professional’s” opinion on the battery unit. The refueling time on the echo is… what 45 sec and you already got premix for the trimmer right? But like you said for fast, quick and lighter jobs the cordless has its place… just not in my garage.

J Rod says:

Video is fucking hilarious

Lou Cifer says:

Why do they make the gas operated left handed, dewalt makes a 40v and 60v handheld similar to the gas but right handed and more powerful than the gas

losttheplot26 says:

Ego is fantastic. Long reach and extension. Blower, mower, strimmer. Fast charger x2

ryan gregg says:

electric stuff is waste of money

Jnic TV says:

your videos are awesome!

garden of egan says:

I’d kill myself before electric and echo

Lou Cifer says:

The gas is little more powerful but rather have the battery operated can’t use the gas operated inside

All Day Son says:

This guy is a marketer. He does not have a window or landscape business. He is a strategic marketer. He also sells info on how to start a business; info you can find for free with a simple google search. Don’t let these youtubers fool you. It’s the new age get rich quick scheme. But they have “proof” so you buy their ebooks lol. It’s pretty smart. I need a e book on that

Kyle Woodyard says:

I’m not sure if you’ll see this bro but I’m in my second year of my tree service and was wondering if there are any benefits to starting a youtube channel for my business? Will that somehow bring in more clients or will it somehow hinder my business or will it even have any effect on my business at all?

seattwa says:

What model is the Milwakee?

Brad K says:

Pretty sure you’re supposed to charge that battery before the first use, but, hey that’s just me.

Keith Cramer says:

Yeah they got that good shit up in Michigan .lol good vid

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