Here is a quick review of the Stihl SH 86 CE shredder vac/blower. There are limited videos on this unit so I figured I would make a video to show you guys how it works and my honest opinion.


Michael Mcneal says:

Your old look sucks Bud!

John Google says:

Nice demo. is the impeller plastic?

Tony's Lawn Care says:

I like it bro

Dave Brar says:

Thank you.. this is what I will get

Gina Dyer says:

*Fantastic blower for the money!>>>**arah.in/vQM4**   I have a huge driveway and this makes clearing leaves and grass clippings easy. An ease to start and light weight. I would recommend to anyone who needs a blower for light to medium use. I have used it several times for prolonged periods and it does great. I have a 1/3 lot and cleared the leaves on the entire lot with this with minimal effort.*

Todd Naples says:


cptcolo says:

@Southern Style Lawn Care – will this (SH-86 C-E) work well for sucking up and blowing pine needles off of rocks. That’s what I need

WH says:

Wow, wish someone would have explained the difference when I bought my blower I could have had a two in one deal and didn’t know it ! This review should help someone out ! Good job !

Scout's Outdoor Services SOS says:

I bought one last year primarily for sucking up clippings out of beds after trimming shrubs. Works great. Occasionally stem from the shrubs will get stuck in the impeller locking the unit up but doesn’t take much to clear it. Great system for cleaning up around in ground pools instead of blowing.

Kolman Family Vlog says:

Thanks for the review….looked at one today. Think I’ll buy one!

Simon Cook says:

I live in france , like your style nice one

CleanCutLawns NC says:

Good review man. That does work better then I would expect.

Fence Armor says:

Great review as always Derek! Definitely something handy to even have around the house!

Darren's Mowing says:

nice review.. good bit of gear.. thanks buddy.. 😉

Alan Jones says:

I have just visited a Stihl Dealer today in Slovenia. Despite this model not being shown in the online Stihl catalogue for Slovenia, this shop actually had the SH86 C-E in stock. He pointed out that the new model on display no longer featured a metal shredder blade, unlike that shown in this video, but relied on the plastic fan in the same way that the mains electric powered version does and is therefore possibly not as effective, maybe? A backward step by Stihl, maybe someone could comment on this design change. I had gone to purchase the Husqvarna equivalent for my daughter as it was on special promotional offer at a discount over list price. This blower/vac does feature a metal shredding blade. I have found that my Stihl SH86 C-E which I have owned for over six years now, does not seem to pick up gravel, or stones, or walnuts (it is that season now and they get mixed in with leaves), indeed nothing of significant density like even small stones get sucked in. Such items just roll back out of the spout when you let off the throttle trigger and do not rattle around damaging the fan or cutter blade. The major clogging items I have come across are walnut leaves. These have long tough stems and tend to get wedged behind the the fan and also form a log jam where the outlet pipe connects onto the main blower body. The shredder blade does not effectively chop these up and they arrive relatively whole inside the collecting bag. Most other leaves without long stalks are collected and compacted very well. I take couple of those self erecting circular, fabric, 100 litre garden waste containers around with me to save frequent trips back to the compost bin because the vacuum bag seems to fill up quite rapidly.

Scrotus Maximus says:

Why would you make a review video with a scratchy black and white video?
You’re obviously slightly retarded.

Lawn Commander says:

Yeah works great for restaurant parking lots, cigarette butts and those little cracker packs

Upscale Lawn Care Monroe says:

Great review my man, how is the weather there, cold here in the morning and warms up as the day goes.

Simon Cook says:

gonna get one

J's Crazy Cutz, LLC says:

I bought the echo version. I got it for those weird tight areas in the spots where it’s almost impossible to blow if it’s even slightly windy. It works pretty good .

Barry Camarillo says:

This year we’ve had a good (bad for us) crop of acorns. Will it handle acorns?

Hazardra Lawn Care says:

Great review! Another product I wish I had just saved up for. Wish I had gotten one of those instead of the BG50 and wish I got a kombi instead of the FS111R. But for what I do with them those 2 products have been absolutely amazing in their own right so cant complain

Dewayne Gibson says:

I got the same one, it worked better for me around driveways and parking lots. But over all im satisfied with it. Good video dude keep up the good work!

Virginian John says:

A Very Merry Unbirthday To You, Southern Style Lawn Care.

Get you a Echo ES-250. It sucks up leaves way better and more efficient than the stihl. The vac tube on the echo is bigger and more powerful. I have two an acre of lawn surrounded by forest and it the Echo is a blessing. It will eat up  humongus piles of leaves in minutes and the blower part is like a hurricane. When I get the piles of leaves near the forest I don’t put the bag on but use the vac to suck the leaves up and use the the blower tube to shoot the shredded leaves into the forest. The Echo is much more powerful than the Stihl.

Thank you for your time, the video, and your review. My Echo is 6 years old and I was wondering if the Stihl would be a better replacement. After seeing this video I will buy another Echo.

“Life’s Too Short – Love The Life You Live – Live The Life You Love”

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