EGO 56volt ECHO 58v Kobolt 80v Cordless Leaf Blower- Comparison, Review, Demo Video

The big guns of cordless yard tools compete for top dog. In this video I compare the most powerful cordless, lithium powered brushless blowers to see who wins top honors. Don’t buy anything until you watch…..


bobe8888 says:

What is the CFM of these blowers?? CFM is what you look for in power with blowers, not just the pressure from the tube. Reduce the tube size and you raise the air pressure/speed, but you loose CFM’s. Sorry but you lack the basic knowledge to compare these products objectively.

twotwocold says:

They have a 58v2ah and 58v4ah battery for the echo cordless tools one takes 30 min the other a hour to charge! I’m sure the 58v4ah battery will make the blower blow longer than the battery that comes with the blower. I just got one from Home Depot for $99 bucks $106.53 after taxes. I think echo wins in my book I will buy the extra 58v4ah battery to boost runtime nice video… FYI you get some bad and some good ones out the bunch when buying cordless battery tools; sometimes the batteries don’t perform as advertised right out the box that could explain the pulses coming from the echo blower my .02!

Adrian Ramirez says:


surfintheuniverse says:

I’d like to see how the Oregon Bl300 ranks in power against all those blowers, I already know their battery runs down quick, but it’s a very powerful blower!

QuestionXV says:

Despite the flaws in this test, I come back to it again and again and again. I’m forced to admit to having a liking to it, and you’ve got another thumbs up added to the 108 you already have.

QuestionXV says:

Greenworks makes a blower that is nearly identical and Greenworks makes different batteries that I’m sure but do not know are compatible with the Kobalt.

xsited1 says:

Is Home Depot going to be selling ECHO over EGO? I was about to buy an EGO blower at Home Depot, but maybe I should go with ECHO.

aron john says:

Turn them the other way see if it hovers

Dan Ponjican says:

Cool test. I just got the Lynxx Cordless Blower from Harbor Freight. Just uploaded a video review of it on my channel. I might try running the same test as you did just to see how it stacks up.

techstyle123 says:

Cool video…I always use petrol blowers

QuestionXV says:

Yeah, it appears you used the EGO tube on the Kobalt. That tells the CFM that the Kobalt blows compared to the EGO, but without any tube, the Kobalt will blow that air much faster. EGO would blow 500CFM at about 96mph, but Kobalt blows it about 129mph, and that speed makes quite a difference. I know. I have both the Kobalt and the EGO blowers. CFM alone does not equate to force. CFM, or rather cubic meters per second times mass per cubic meter of air, times velocity in meters per second, gives force in Newtons, and that is what matters. I think I’d give innovation to EGO, but I give power to Kobalt, and thesweethome agrees with me. Kobalt’s specs with the blower tube are between 440 CFM at 133mph and 470CFM at 143mph, being at the high end on full power with a full charge and on the low end about I think when the battery has one tick left. Still, I trust EGO’s battery a lot more than I do Kobalt’s. Which do you buy, EGO or Kobalt? I don’t know, flip a coin, which do you like better. It really doesn’t matter, they are both fantastic blowers, though the Kobalt is more ergonomic for my hands and it does a better job moving stubborn debris than EGO does, and most importantly, it has more thrust than EGO does… and you can put it down on a wooden panel with wheels, tie a string around the trigger, and watch it roll away, no hole-cutting on the board needed. Don’t crash it if you want the paint lookin’ nice 😀

Again, its user preference. DeWalt makes the most durable of all of them and has an air speed that is more to my liking, though just tonight, I upgraded my EGO, which I’ve been using a lot until I got the Kobalt, though I pick it up when the Kobalt has no charge. I’m going to see if Super EGO, with its two fans, can overpower Kobalt. I think it might. I’m shooting for 650CFM at 125mph, and I think I’m gonna get it. You really should try that upgrade. All you need is either a pc fan of just the right size, or easier, another EGO jet fan. I stripped the insides from a pc fan and mounted it on top of the jet fan, and Super EGO seems much stronger than EGO, but I have yet to test it thoroughly. Whenever the sun wants to come back 🙂

David Santos says:

I have been happy with the ego push mower and weed trimmer. The products held up for two years, and the batteries charge quickly with the speed charger you get with the mower.

Kite Army says:

Hey Ken. Since I own the EGO mower I use the high speed charger, I would estimate that it does the job in 20-25 minutes.

Greg Varde says:

Best comparison I have seen to date. Love how you used the beach balls. Great idea.
I am shopping for a new cordless and you helped me make my decision.
Thank you for taking the time putting this together
Great job!

QuestionXV says:

Is it just me, or did you modify the Kobalt? I thought it had a tapered end. Also, I’m not sure that the Echo is pulsing. It has different airflow dynamics due to the shape of the tube; the ball might be just oscillating a little bit like a pendulum or a weight on a spring. Hey, BTW, Finally, you got one of the 80v! 😀

dave luczynski says:

Great review! Was the EGO on its turbo setting for the duration of this demonstration, just full power without turbo?

MyWalkOfLife says:

I think the Echo airflow intake was restricted because of its location, Being how it sucks in air from the back and that is right on the wood.

Dedric Patterson says:

Hey bro,  you are leaving out a big part of the story in this video. How about Warranty comparison.  Not only did the 80v  Kobalt leaf blower run longer and out perform the Ego machine in your demo but you failed to mention an important fact for homeowners to consider as part of the buying process. Check it out yourself. The Ego company website does not have any warranty information on their products that I could find.   On the other hand, the 80v Kobalt machine in your demo video comes with a 5 yr. hassle free warranty that is honored at any local Lowes store in America. The Kobalt 80v Li-ion battery comes with a 3 year hassle free warranty too. That’s a big deal.  Kobalt also provides  cordless lawnmowers and other yard tools that also come with excellent warranty coverage. Talking about that big battery for the Ego that you mentioned in your video.  Bigger battery means more weight to lug around. That means increased fatigue factor. Right? Sore wrists, elbows and shoulders.  With the longer lasting Kobalt battery you have less weight and lower fatigue. It makes more sense to have two Kobalt batteries. One battery in the leaf blower and a fully charged back-up waiting to change-out. Charge time is about 30 minutes for the Kobalt 80v Li-ion battery.  I put my money with Kobalt and rest easy knowing that I have a quality machine with excellent warranty coverage on both the Kobalt machine and the powerful 80v batteryNice video though. clever use of beach balls. But… there are important facts missing that an informed buyer would find useful.

Adrian Ramirez says:

Ego all the way

Tyler Conant says:

i was looking at the greenworks 80v line. they are the exact same platform as the kobalt 80v. so depending on the price of the tool you could interchange batteries and tools. the greenworks also has a snowblower and hedge trimmer

The FPV Life says:

I don’t even need this but I enjoyed this review.

Scot Campbell says:

Cool…I got the EGO.

Im1CrazyCow says:

Howdy Kite, I am wondering why you did not try others too like Worx, Toro and the king of home tools Troy Built….yes they make rechargeable line of lawn equipment too and Troy Built even claims their “Core” battery system can out preform others 56,58 & even 80 volt batteries. I am a bit of a skeptic so I am getting their full line of their rechargeable tools, mower, hedge trimmer, lawn trimmer, blower & leaf bagger and for a full wow factor they make a few types of blowers. Their warranty as we know on Troy Built is second to none and it looks like they went one step beyond with that as each tool has a 5 yr warranty and each “Core” motor on the tool is Lifetime warrantied ! I am looking at buying the whole line for testing i wonder if anyone has it on sale for Fathers day this Sunday? Anyway Kite Ill sub and check back to see if you have tried and just have not used in your compare or didn’t use or what not. Cow }:-o)

Richard Guilford says:

this was a ego trumpet video. the kobalt batteries I have take no longer than 25mins to charge. never longer

aron john says:

The table i mean

Danzigmann says:

Nice job soldier! Thanks for the great info!

Dru Betts says:

I’m wondering if the ECHO may have a defective battery?  Resulting if the pulsing and the 1.5 hour charge time.  The reason a say this is because I just got the ECHO mower with TWO 4AH batteries and one battery charged in exactly one hour and the other one took over an hour and a half to charge and I finally had to remove it from the charger because it was starting to get hot (it is currently being replaced).  I’m thinking the battery was not functioning properly putting out uneven voltage?  Great review though, that looked like fun!  🙂

superspeeder says:

Andrew, great way to demonstrate the differences between the blowers!

Just a thought regarding the Ego 7.5Ah battery. You mentioned that the larger battery would likely double the Ego blower run time… well, with almost 4 times the capacity I would expect the 7.5Ah battery to extend the blower’s run time by about 4 times or more (since larger batteries lose less in heat for a given power output), and the run time would be 40 minutes or more.

Keep up the good work!

Andy Knotts says:

ahah anyone else here from leaf dog’s album and ended up just watching this video, wrecked as balls?

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