Echo PB-580T Leaf Blower Unboxing, Setup and Review

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Charlie B says:

Thanks for the video! What is the air index on this?

TOMMY .K says:

good video you brought the biscuits and the gravy i been looking for a good review like this

Robert Smith says:

Thanks, great review. I’ll be purchasing one now. Just was unsure how well it worked. Now I know. Thanks again.

Nicholas Fagan says:

Thanks for posting, your video was helpful to help me choose a new backpack blower. (I have the Craftsman you have, it died…)

kevin brennan says:

Really nice video. It was very helpful. I never had a leaf blower before – and was looking at Stihl, but you provided excellent information. Thanks (Go Bills !!)

Rich Albert says:

try taking the first tube off and you will increase the air out put and blow more leaves

Michshnly says:

That Craftsman for 1/2 the size and power was doing a really good job.

Backyardsniper73 says:

Semper Fi! Great review.

mortadha Abdul says:

I enjoy this video so much! Maybe I hope that I can buy it.

arciefan says:

Very nice comparsion video. To me the only place the hand held blower wins is for a quick blowing the leaves off the carport and deck. I have echo weedeater , chainsaw, handheld blower and this back pack will be my next purchase. Thanks !

The Insufferable Tool says:

That craftsman can’t do more than 320 cfm IRL (IMHO of course) just look at working end, and zero taper tube of the echo says it all. I’d take 125mph if it gave me over 600cfm. Volume is the Prime choocher. Build them for CFM and MPH takes care of itself.

ECHO USA says:

Nice video. The side by side tests in the yard were great! Job well done.

Richard Bovee says:

I have watched 4 out of the box videos and in none of them was the static ground wire used. You will get shocked. You may want to read the manual.

Trumpsdaman says:

This guy is really proud of his new leaf blower lol

5goodfellas says:

will this be efficient and reliable enough for commerical use

kenneth beckwith says:

This was an Excellent video…

chicago4130 says:

great video. good work. thank you

Michael Widemire says:

Great video, nicely done comparison

Chris Genovese says:

I had the same Echo blower and it was a great machine. I then went to the red max 8001 and the husqvarna 560bts and it was an amazing upgrade. The new husqvarna 580 is in a league of its own. It will push a garbage can that is filled with garbage down my driveway……. thanks for the good review about a year ago this video was what sold me on the echo. I forgot to say thanks then so i guess its better late than never.

Araceli Licea Goveaj says:


Lucas_93 says:

There’s not only the STHIL(s) but it too

Brent Hill says:

I love Echo. no comparison in quality and reliability with these 2. this model Echo wasn’t that much faster than the Poulan handheld wearing a Craftsman sticker on it. I see these Poulan made handhelds used for $30-$40 all the time.

- ]TARKUS[ - says:

LOL you are blowing some of your leaves in your wifes lane!!! NO FAIR! LOL. Great video BTW….

Joe R says:

LOL, an advertisement for ECHO pops up before your video starts. Hey guys, bring the Craftsman over to the trails. I’ve been wearing micros so I don’t slip! Hey, love the flag hanging in the garage…”Ooh Rah”!

sonic knuckels says:

both are weak blowers

smooth73074 says:

Excellent Review Guys!!! Hey Doggies, I hope you got to play in the leaf piles before Mommy and Daddy made all that noise and blew them away!!! LOL 🙂

adushku88 says:

What about the static wire? Is that included with this model?

ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

I noticed, if ya speed up the video, they both get the job done faster,, I’ll watch the Video, you blow the leafs.. 🙂

rje49 says:

Knowing how a deep layer of dry oak leaves can make walking forest trails rather treacherous, we’ve really appreciated a guy who cleared about 2 miles of trail in a local town forest around here. I helped rake it last year, but this was MUCH quicker and easier. The guy’s blower dug down so deep it was peeling up years worth of leaves. Now we’re going to use it to create some new trails.
So, knowing your love for hiking, I was wondering if you were going to take it with you on the trails. You can start with the AT.

21PilotsPlaneRide says:

my pb 770 is far better

Janet Diaz says:

Great Review.. Now I’m buying it…. Thanks

EJ's Lawncare says:

awesome vid bro, I liked and subcribed, checkout my vids! !

Silver Myth says:

It’s an outstanding leaf blower. Did yours come with the electrostatic cable that prevents shocks? I did not notice you covering that on your assembly of the blower. Mine came with one and it had to be inserted through the air tubes. Anyways great video! After watching it, I decided to get the PB-580T as well. 🙂

Chad Edward Haug says:

The Echo is the Clear Choice! WOW that looks like fun!

Rajah Manokharan says:

good one Thanks

Gary Smith says:

Just bought one. Nice review.

Araceli Licea Goveaj says:


Richard Bovee says:

Page 17 of my manual references the install of the static wire.

kevin hughes says:

That hike looks fun 🙂

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