ECHO PB 2520 Blower Review

Using the echo PB 2520 handheld blower for the last year we found some things we liked and disliked about the blower.

This Blower was sent to me for an honest review. And that’s exactly what you get.

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Saving Green Lawn Care says:

Good review Shawn!

Rufus LC says:

Good review Bro!

Upscale Lawn Care Monroe says:

Good stuff, good looking blower, I keep a hand blower on hand. Check out our channel

Eduardo Morales says:

Wow!!! I just got one yesterday….. to start my part-time job

Henry Tauch says:

How many cc is it

Outerspaces landscape says:

the cover on the left side of the unit is there to keep your pants out of the recoil/ fan area. its that way because most people are using it right handed.

Hazardra Lawn Care says:

Great review Shawn!

J's Crazy Cutz, LLC says:

I’ve had a pb250 hand held for about 3 years now,I love it ,got the vacuum attachment for it ,works pretty good!

tony972333 says:

It’s a nice leaf blower, I will take a look at it when it will be sold in Canada.

Nate Herold says:

i just got it

Randy Thomason says:

That bulky cover is to help from sucking up your pants and stopping air flow. Starting to notice the weight lose in your face bud. Enjoy the vids.

Real Talk says:

The big black guard like others said is to prevent pants or in my case long button down shirts when not tucked into pants getting sucked in and preventing max airflow. Take you a dremel and trim it off if it bothers you

ranmangolf says:

How does this compare to the Echo PB 250 LN?

mike Norton says:

that is the one i am buying in a few weeks. i also want the gutter kit as well

Chandler Floyd says:

I’m starting up my business do you think this would be a good blower

rogermurph101 says:

There is absolutely a reason for that cover. It’s to keep your clothing away from the intake. Happens all the time with my blower, when I hold it in my right hand my shorts constantly get sucked up against the intake, reducing the output of the blower. This little bumpout cover will fix that.

Eluminary Xarrais says:

I work at a sweeper truck company we’ve been using stihl bg86s for years they had a recent carburetor change that makes them not last nearly as long as they used to we’ve been looking for a different one to switch to. We’ve been testing one of these for the past 3 weeks it’s the first hand blower that has on par power to the bg86. Now we’ll just see if it lasts more than the 3-4 months the new Stihl models have been lasting.

We use blowers extremely extensively 364 days a year and they’re running about 8 hours a night so it’s going to blow anything up fairly quickly the Stihl blowers used to last nine months to a year before the latest carburetor changes.

Big Guy says:

Great little blower for smaller jobs

Dadversusdaughters says:

I like the echo brand, great trimmers too. Help us get to 1000 subscribers. Thanks

Chris Ryan says:

I would say the cover is because they made a left handed machine and most people are right handed. It keeps an inch or so of clear air between your leg and the blower suction.

hunter colyer says:

Great video!!!!!!!

WV591 says:

the cover is the for right handed users which are 98 % of the people so your shorts don’t get sucked in every time.

Edwin Grimm says:

good revieu

mowerking ED mowing and vacuum cleaners says:

Not bad buddy

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