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A review of my echo leaf blower echo pb-250, pb500h pb770t pb265l pb-770h pb-500t Disclaimer:
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That One Ford Guy says:

Echo’s are amazing. Had one for 20+ years, passed it on to a neighbor and got a new one. The old one still works!

coolwater411 says:

Where you get that sticker?

C&A Services says:

0:43 sorta like a gun when its on….Who turns on a gun? lol Thanks for the video and the chuckle. Looking for a leaf blower and im not sure which one to buy. Thanks again!

Daehawk says:

the echos dont require throttles being held.

econ5catcat says:

does it come with oil mixture ratio? also what is the oil mixture ratio? please respond

doublewide6 Repairs LLC says:

I didn’t know the echo oil was synthetic. Thanks for the info feel free to subscribe. DW6

1986FordF-250 says:

I run 32:1 Echo gas/oil mixture and I like the way it runs a lot better with it than 50:1.

Brent Hill says:

would be nice to see a big pile of leaves getting pushed or something.

belyeu4190 says:

Echo’s run pretty good but they break down with lots of use. The worst issue with Echo is their warranty. They say 5 years but good luck with that. Everyone that I have ever talked to who has taken their Echo in for service is told their Echo is not covered because they ran bad fuel that damaged their blower. This is not the only excuse but one of many. The 5 year warranty is a scam.

Phil T says:

I agree.. best leaf blower I have owned..

Charles Cho says:

Does it suck up your pants?

doublewide6 Repairs LLC says:

Mixture ratio is 50:1 I use the echo 2 cycle oil or opti 2, they both run very well. Please subscribe. Thanks Doublewide.

Benjamin Dail says:

Paid $65 for mine today. What a great deal

mauriciohma says:

Echos are great!!!

21PilotsPlaneRide says:


MicrosoftWindows lover24 Tiberi says:

I have the Es-250 leaf in shred model and it works great

Rarrin9378 says:

The echo oil is a synthetic blend, half synthetic and half conventional.

mowerman says:

I own the 250 very weak blower can’t even handle blowing a big pile of leaves big peace of crap

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