Discussion on buying a blower for lawn care – brand and size

Choosing a backpack blower for lawn care is an important decision. I compare one different model blowers in this video including a an echo, husqvarna, and 2 redmax. I hope this quick review can help your choose the best blower for your lawn business or personal use.

Hopefully by seeing the comparison of leaf blowers, it will help you see the advantages and disadvantages or each one shown.

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kodiak wild says:

yep, stihl is up to the br700 now. good info, brother.

Leon Wagner says:

Redmax is made by Husqvarna

Tony's Lawn Care says:

awesome video

alex sayarath says:

Love my Stihl BR700

langlang87 says:

I just bought a echo backpack blower and it’s a boss…

sharron Klika says:

*Very powerful blower that really does the job!! It is a little heavy and does become a bit cumbersome after wearing for an extended time.>>>**ur2.pl/711**      It will also warm up your back to the extent you will become wet from sweating. But this thing is a beast and does the job I need it to do in blowing large piles of leaves over a 1.5 acre area.*

Michael Mac Tavish says:

im kinda thinking about a $699.00 for the new stihl BR700 the most biggest blower 64.8cc huge powerful

Lauren Payne says:

Stihls   sucks.    shindaiwas  are   the      best.

Craig Smith says:

We have a Stihl BG86 handheld blower which is fine for the small plots we cut its quick and easily powerful enough to clear the pathways

Andrew’s Vlogs says:

Here’s the stats for anybody wondering

Redmax hb281

CFM 425
Mph 170

Husqvarna 130bt

CFM 434
Mph 145

Redmax 5150

CFM 435
Mph 251

Echo 770

CFM 756
Mph 234

Darrin Gainer says:

Have you tried the new 40 V dewalt trimmers and backpack blowers?

Andrew’s Vlogs says:

That redmax handheld is the exact same, part for part, curve for curve as the husqvarna 125b blower. Since husqvarna owns redmax

dmc16336 says:

Get a good backpack and a good handheld. You will learn when to use which if you are mowing many lawns.

Matt Ichikawa says:

that redman back blower are great awesome. i been landscaped in 25 year red redman back blower blow out engine and i going to buy blower bach Still

Holifield Lawn Services says:

currently running the Husqvarna 360BT.. love. it!

Danny ingram says:

Today I’m Getting 130BT Back back

Keith Jandrew says:

I’m a redmax jonsered man

Ruty Cholula says:

echo #1

Integrity Cleaning says:

Love it

Diversified Lawn Services says:

Great video as always, Jason.

OR Greens says:

What is best rated brands red max stihl or echo

Jonboy's Lawn Service says:

I use a Stihl bg55 from my big to small properties and it works great. A big church I mow I put on mower have it blowing out and take off instead of walking the whole property.

Straight From the Field says:

Backpacks are great for large open areas (acreage/parking lots), or where there are vast amounts of leaves/debris to be moved, but for everything else a handheld is more efficient. First, you can get into very tight spaces that backpacks can not go. Handhelds also offer more control of the air stream–like when you need to blow grass clippings near a mulch bed, but not blow them into the bed. Handhelds also use a fraction of the fuel that backpacks do. You can also purchase two handheld blowers for the price of one backpack. I have both types of blowers, but use the handheld about 85% of the time.

hkmp5s says:

mexican bagpipes

Nate says:

Stihl has the new 450 cef that has electric start which is pretty neat.

alex aviles says:

nice video keep it mowing..blessings from Puerto Rico…

OTAlucard says:

The most reliable backpack blower = Stihl BR400/420magnum

Jack Mehoff says:

Stats would have been nice


I prefer stihl but it’s expensive so I got me an echo pb500 t

John Smith says:

what is your premix? (owners manual or “special juice”)

Mundo Patios Landscaping & Exterminating says:

My company used Bcz 8500 y sthil 600 and bote have a lot of strength.

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