DataVac Electric Duster Review – $93 Blower Vs. $25 Cheaper Ebay Version

After seeing a $93 DataVac in action I knew I had to have one, though I took a look around and found there was cheaper $25 Blowers on ebay, and being curious, I wanted to see if the DataVac was worth the premium or not. So I naturally touted these two head to head, and the results are interesting after cleaning up: A dirty PC, a keyboard and also my Main Editing Rig. Plus some other cool tests were done as well ;).

Also some points missed, DataVAC has metal blades for the propeller and the ebay banger has plastic blades, also the DataVAC is touted as being ESD safe (electro-static discharge).

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Robert Drake says:

That anti-static wrist band actually doubles the price of what was once the ED500. If you want to save, buy that not the ESD.

Micahel BAghoomian says:

Is WD40 spray bad for the computer?

Urban Student Prepper says:

You call that dirty?

Michael Schneider says:

I sincerely hope you aren’t actually using WD-40 and brake cleaner regularly on PC components… da fuck

André Pedreiro says:

Just bought a very similar blower to that eBay one last week. Works just fine if you’re not building PCs everyday.

manicniceguy says:

Dirt devil vacuum ftw

David James says:

I’ve never seen anyone use WD-40 on electronics….that’s very interesting

Jacob Puckett says:

Massive Jungle Sammich

DiZZeDilligent says:

omg…. just overclock the ebay one :oooo

jaebum shin says:

What a nonsense!!! WD40 ?

ZanderKaneUK says:

Personally I bought a cheap 24 litre oil less air compressor with accessory set (≤£100). You can control the pressure coming out of the blow nozzle on the tank and as long as the PC wasn’t kept in a heavy smokers room all the dust bunnies fly out. I have even up cycled some unused chopsticks as fan holders to get into all the nooks and crannies. I’ve just had to buy a new one after 10 years of medium weekend use. My only warning is don’t get right up close to relatively large/tall components (caps) because you can bend them over. Plus you can use the compressor for other jobs around the home, car, garden.

Jack Sprat says:

WD is not good for plastic, its for lubing up metal joints not cleaning, use metho if you want to clean it with something, it evaporates in the air really quickly, it can rot some rubber with excessive use, it might ruin painted metal but i doubt it, if in doubt just use a little bit on a small area.

Robert Drake says:

There are better leaf blowers for not much more money than your “ebay banger”. Amazon sells some pretty good ones, here in Soviet Kanuckistan we have Canadian Tire too.

73maxmau says:

what about an air dryer put on cold?

Rami A says:

I might invest in a data vac, down the track 🙂

DHettNeck says:

After seeing your videos, I ordered a DataVac and got it today. I’m from sweden, and they are really expensive here, since it is just one small company that imports them. Cost me roughly 130$, but it was worth every penny 🙂

Ivan Arjun Lukman says:

i rather build an air compressor, but awesome video

root8ble says:

the ebay banger … there is one 1000w 6 modes and one 1000w no modes… what is the difference?

Tim Jones says:

Am I missing something here? Why use WD40 on a computer? And the towel will be a static magnet?

Anne Geddes says:

I got the data one 2 years ago it was 40 don’t know why its overpriced now it wasnt worth 40 when l got it yea its real good but was overpriced then I feel like folks can get the eBay ver to way cheaper and still do good dont gota be perfect

Gambit says:

I have been watching your channel for a couple of months now “And let me say you’re my favorite Tech to watch” and I have never seen anyone clean a PC with WD40!!!! And you do it A LOT!! What’s the benefit to doing this and HOW IN THE HECK did you discover that!?!??!??! HAHA. Now does any WD40 work or is it a special brand you use? I see the before and after…it works like a champ. I have learned so much from watching your channel and I haven’t came across the reasoning yet on WD40. And thanks for all the content, you do such an amazing job brother!!!

Professional Asshole says:

I can imagine a parody video titled : $25 EBAY BLOWER Vs. $93 DATAVAC VS TORNADO.

For the Tornado test, you put your PC into the path of a Tornado and make sure to chain it to a concrete anchor point. Then watch before and after the Tornado passed through the PC XD LOL

TreeMobile. says:

get the cheaper blower, they both blow

Michael Schneider says:

A layer of …. WD-40??? that’s terrible advice for a number of reasons…

Matlockization says:

There’s no way that a $25 blow job is better than a $93. It just doesn’t make any sense. I mean price to performance. Right ?

saysbadman says:

Sooo buy a 2nd hand battery powered leaf blower, got it!

Scorpio KC says:

I think The Ebay blower Is just a leaf blower

Chad C says:

Should have used the same attachments on each device.

SaLtyN00b says:

You could just use a hair dryer on cool setting. They are cheaper and most people have one already.

Will O says:

what the. WD 40 is safe on pc components? o_O

TheAlmightyCon says:

the clips of him spraying wd-40 really kicks off asmr for me

CB SushiKiller says:

ive been looking into getting a datavac pro vac/blower; do you think there is any point to getting the esd safe model? all i can tell is different is the anti static wrist strap.

love kush says:

600 watts BLOWER in India is $ 7

Pierre Cardone says:

Song at 8:50 ??

CodoDarts says:

I WANT to know the THOUGHT process that goes INTO decidING which WORDS in THE title are CAPITALIZED or NOT

MusicByJC says:

I have the dataVac and it is one of those things that I tell everyone about. Of course it works great at cleaning computers and keyboards, but I find small uses for it all of the time. The thing is built like a tank. The thick sides will start to get warm if you try to run it continuously, but rarely is there a need to do so. Now the only question is, how long will it last. From the looks of it, forever, but we will have to see.

Nendogamer says:

I just use my hobby airbrush and my hobby compressor. Works better and cleaning is more precise.

Soap McTavish says:

The data vac has increased in price significantly over the years. I remember when it was just around $60 but now it’s near $100. It seems like somebody else like a computer peripheral manufacturer would build an alternative. I’m surprise companies like cooler master or phanteks or Corsair haven’t made computer blower cleaner of some kind.

Like an RGB blower………

Daniel Creech says:

DataVac boy. Talk about a stacked deck, unbelievable. And you think this gets you credibility?

Alex Stanislov says:



Tech NO Hood, its obvious you are misrepresenting everything to promote the exorbitant $100 Datavac and reap profits for yourself under the guise of a “fair, true and accurate” demonstration.

YOUR SCAM IS MULTIPLE LEVELS, but I will only bother to point out just a few things.

YOUR SCAM IS you chose the lousiest P.O.S. blower (that I have ever seen in my life) for your comparison which is 4 times cheaper (not half or 2/3 or equal, which would be the fair comparison) than the exorbitant $100 vac. I found dozens of blowers that blow harder and better than the exorbitant $100 vac for less and under fifty bucks. You can even get battery powered cordless blowers that blow better and cost less than the $100 vac.

Google “electric blower” for an exhaustive list of superior blowers in this price range. You chose the absolute worst blower out of the entire set of choices.

YOUR SCAM IS, gee, if the $25 P.O.S. blower doesn’t work too well, OBVIOUSLY WE SHOULD SHELL OUR FOUR TIMES THE MONEY FOR SOMETHING SLIGHTLY BETTER- exorbitant $100 vac!?!?? NOT.

SMOKE & MIRRORS Deception!
YOUR SCAM IS how you edited the video without raw footage NOR sound AND video of the blowers in complete action. YOUR SCAM IS how you TOLD (lied) us what happened instead of simply DEMONSTRATING it truthfully for our own eyes and ears to evaluate. And ultimately you were deceptive about the results.

YOUR SCAM IS how it is evident you used left to right strokes to try and knock down three two by fours with the cheap blower 8:11, and used a vertical flicking motion to ensure you would knock them down with the exorbitant $100 vac8:19.

At the very least you employ FALSE EQUIVALENCY, FALSE LOGIC, SMOKE & MIRRORS, MANIPULATION and PREMEDITATED FRAUD. You sir, are a con artist. You are a liar and a cheat. A fraud.

Go Karma! Go!

Don’t you dare be confused when bad things keep happening to you. You deserve to know what you reap.

Janjan Jimenez says:

Got that ebay banger, heats up pretty easily. I recommend doing short bursts instead of prolonged use

By-tor says:

I have been using a Datavac for a very long time to clean my rigs and it does a great job…

Retrocidal says:

i have always wanted a Blower lol sound weird Blow The PC Blow It brains out

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