Blower Mania Review – EBZ 8500vsEBZ 7500vsBR-700vsCEF-450vs770T

Hey gang, this is by far one of the most fun videos I had the pleasure of doing. With so many review videos out there, of so many different blowers, I thought I would just bring you the highlights of each blower in one video, to draw some comparisons, and the pro’s and con’s of each blower.

I’m not here to offend anyone with their favorite brand, so go easy on me! I know folks are loyal to their brands, and rightfully so! This is just MY opinion.

Everyone keeps asking, what’s my overall, most well rounded pick, for the best backpack blower out currently. Long story short, I am going to go with the Redmax EBZ 7500.

Every blower here does an amazing job. You cannot go wrong with Echo, Stihl, or Redmax. Everyone of them make an amazing product. I am very thankful to represent each brand and highlight their blowers on our channel and videos!

Shoot me a comment down below! What is YOUR favorite backpack blower?

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Four Seasons Lawn & Landscape says:

Hey Brian what part of Michigan are you

Rell Monger says:

Kool nice reviews, good pros and cons of each. None was bad I love my Husqvarna 580bts (redmax 8500 clone in orange). Husqvarna is more padding comfortable. I tried a redmax 7500 they are nice. I never tried the Stihl br600 because it doesn’t sound as powerful. Echo I just never look at. Maybe next year I might buy one right under the 770. I have all the dealers of these brands from 5-13 miles from my house here in St. Louis, MO.

Brendan Rose says:

Where at in Michigan are you based

Fan o Man says:

the redmax is hard to pull

D. Gentry says:

Nice work including all the blowers and hitting points on all well 60 vids down 68 to go


took back the br 700 have the redmax 8500 it blows bricks the husky 580 is the same now cause they took over redmax but i should have got the husky cause the the throttle is angled on the hose on husky

Jeff's landscaping Lawn care says:

All awesome blowers love them all they are powerful and get the job done.

Ralph Gentile says:

I’m running the Redmax 7500. Great power. Easy to use. Little bit of vibration felt from unit but definitely usable.

Victor Rippe says:

great video thank you

Kelly's Cut says:

well done.

How-To-Videos says:

Sick videos! Subscribed! How did you get that intro up and running ? It’s amazing

- ]TARKUS[ - says:

Thank so much Brian. It was very informative!

Tyler's Video Production says:

New Jersey is Stihl and Redmax

Dels Lawn Care says:

Great review. You can come video superman on Saturday. Lol

Robert Harvey says:

Love my br700!!

Jeffy For life says:


nankervisj says:

I only have an “el cheapo” (as some people call them) Rok backpack blower. It makes me want to cry when I walk into my local Stihl dealer and see their BR700 sitting there with it’s $999 price tag and I think how I got my tiny putter for $75! Power is clearly not it’s friend but I got it for the occasional big job where there wasn’t much heavy stuff to move but I have a Stihl BG56 handheld and I swear it is at least 150 times more powerful than the Rok. But as I said I didn’t buy the Rok for power, I bought it for convenience. If I needed a backpack for power I would go the BR700 or Husqvarna 580BTS I don’t think there are any Redmax dealers in Australia where I am…. BTW I have heard the music from 0:19 onwards so many times but I can’t think of where it’s from though.

Harvey Correia says:

Thanks for your review and quick comparison. I’ve not owned a backpack blower before and watched several videos, read reviews, forum posts, etc., making it difficult to make a decision with such varied opinions. I’m a farmer who wanted a blower to aid in chestnut harvest in my orchard, blowing nuts out of the tree and clearing leaves and burs out of the way on the ground to make harvest easier and faster. Not a typical use, of course. I decided to go to a large dealer that carried Stihl, RedMax, Echo, Husqavarna, and Makita. Pretty impressive to see a dealer have all these backpack blowers on display. I trialed the RedMax 7500 and the Stihl BR 700. The dealer was up front and said if he could carry only one brand it would be Stihl. I own other Stihl products purchased at another dealer closer to me but wanted to talk to someone that sold them all. From what I had read previously I had decided I would probably get the RM 7500 instead of the RM 8500 but maybe I should have tested out both. But I ended up chosing the BR 700 because it was more comfortable to wear and operate and I found I liked the throttle control on the Stihl much better and also liked to have the throttle on the tube so that the other hand is free. From the short period of time I tried these out, this seemed like a fairly big deal to me. I will probably get the optional curved tip that produced higher velocity in case I feel I need that for some applications.

Chris oshaughnessy says:

All I run are Echo Products…..I love the easy start feature……..My trimmers I have 2 SRM 225 Trimmers………..Over 3 seasons the only thing I have had to put into my trimmers were new heads…………LOVE ECHO PRODUCTS

D's Lawn Care says:

Hey Could you make a video with the ebz 8500 going up against the stihl br 700 im sure me and others would love that vid..

Ja son says:

husqvarna 580bts

EDK Landscaping says:

your my # 1 to get info out of!!! Thanks!!

Victor Rippe says:

echos do last for ever you can’t kill them I still own a 35 year old echo pb400 blower it’s retired lol I only use it for my lawn now this thing if I’m not mistaken I think it has timing points which we haven’t seen in blowers in years.

Atiblaster says:

Cfm matters more

Dan Abraham says:

What about light to medium snow?

A Cut Above says:

echo for sure no problems i do want to try out the redmax 8500 and 7500 not a stihl fan

Given Name idk says:

echo for life.

Ryan Horomanski says:

Your forgetting husqurvana

Charlie B says:

I started out with Husqvarna but now I prefer Echo

Ybravo Commercial Mowers says:

Nice Video Brian! Any of those blowers would be a nice compliment to a commercial 25″ Ybravo 🙂

Atiblaster says:

Stihl for life

cutting right the first time says:

omg. hook me up with a br700. my br 600 mag is on its last leg.

karson saitman says:

one thing that I’ve learned is that Echo Shindaiwa and RedMax are all the same brand if you look at the parts closely on their weed eaters especially Shindaiwa and Echo look like tentacle and so does RedMax there are some minor differences though but they are made by the same people and have the same motor same thing with a blower if you look in an older version of an Echo Backpack Blower compared to the RedMax they both have the filtered carburetor air intake in the backs both look the same if you try to look it up though it will only say Echo and Shindaiwa are made by the same people when really they’re not all three of them are made by the same people

Antonio Lopez says:

I have an ebz8500 and an echo 770. I pickup the 770 every time.

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