Biggest Cordless Blower Review EVA!! EGO Worx DeWalt Ryobi Echo Kobolt Greenworks

You asked….KiteArmy answered. This is the mother of all high-performance blower reviews. 8 blowers…..Full power…..Show us what you got!


BackRoads says:

Love, love, LOVE this video!! Appreciate all the time you put in to create an accurate visual comparison. Great job, Mr. Kite guy 🙂

PartyUpLive says:

I would have went with the EGO line if they would have had a quick feed weed wacker when I was shopping for battery lawn tools. Instead I bought the ECHO weed wacker, which works great, but I would have liked to try EGO’s other battery lawn tools, especially their lawn mowers. But now I have a bunch of ECHO batteries(got a great deal where I got 2 batteries for the price of one). So I am sticking with ECHO. So far it’s been good to me. I use a 4AM battery for my ECHO blower and can do everything I need on one charger.

oiddio69 says:

Thank you for a great review it helped me pick what blower I’m buying.

F CJr says:

The ryobi blower has a turbo button that gives out more speed, was this turbo button pressed in as well?

Ja son says:

put a 4.0 amp hour battery in the echo 🙂

pyrotalk says:

< 13 minutes. I supposed they were run at normal settings. So expect less run time at Turbo settings?

gerthdynn says:

How you ever got the beach balls to stay up there baffles me. That is pretty incredible.

DMDMD says:

Ego = Tesla of yard tools

Edoardo Poffo says:

Awesome…Congrats for the idea and enthusiast!!

Kool MaDa says:

Ego 530 is the way to go. Great blower and priced perfect;y. Save the cash and use it on accessories or extra batteries.

Aiden Fel says:

Wow– BEST REVIEW EVER on youtube — brilliant -looks like a magic trick… Thanks!!

Joe Kilpatrick says:

Just bought the blower and trimmer awesome

Conner Madison says:

nice vid

jasper petersen says:

where are the cordless STIHL products?

Pei. P. says:

The best product review. You deserve a PHD degree on the subject of “one man consumer report”.

Brody Giddings says:

@kitearmy during your test did you have the turbo button held down on the ryobi?

Dottia Bilic says:

Awesome ! Thanks

Rahul Sood says:

what an awesome review. I would have loved to see the new DeWalt 60 tho.

marcelguarachi says:

Why don’t you use your arms to talk

Ge Ve says:

The EGO seems convincing. A pity there is no Stihl or Husqvarna product in the mix as with the accu’s the choice is likely a brand and a family of products rather than just one…

Zoltar Smith says:

Stuff like this is what makes YouTube awesome. Great video.

mike s says:

Great video and just in time because my girlfriend and I were at Home Depot and Lowes earlier today looking at these machines. I didn’t know that EGO had a big one like this. Thanks for your hard work and time!!

Nicholas Didier says:

best review

Chris Dowing says:

Wow, very interesting comparison! I like it. Going to the follow up video now. Thanks.

Flashbax says:

After a long time of browsing vids, I come across yours that not only provided the best comparison but was entertaining as well. Makes you feel good watching this. Now, let’s hope an EGO sale happens soon in Australia.

Carravagio16 says:

i was kinda having a s*hItty day, then i watched this video, dude you had me laughing and i appreciate your enthusiasm. better day now!

Pedro Carcamo says:

nice test

Annie Kook says:

You’re awesome! Thank you!!!!!!

Merz Farm Equipment says:

Very good side by side comparison! Great to see this and even better it confirms that our EGO products are superior products! Thank You for doing this! We are happy that we choose to sell the best product!

John Bailey says:

Yes the milwaukee is an 18 volt with the 9.0 battery they do ok for the girls and they are also using the milwaukee string trimmer as well we have also the hedge trimmer but have not used it yet. Thats why we use milwaukee . Ego does not offer impact drivers or sds concrete drills I could go on and on and on a and on. The milwaukee gets the job done and we can chose so many other tools on the same. Battery. I would not spend high dollars just for one battery and a tool .

John Bailey says:

If I were to buy it would have been the green works. But we have milwaukee because we have a lot of there tools. Go out and buy nine battery’s . So like most buyers they stick to there battery platform.

John Bailey says:

The good part about the milwaukee blower is it gets the job done.

ThreePhaseHigh says:

I tried it with electric corded model and it been go for 6 months and still is.

Craftsman David says:

The setup for this review is amazing. Great Job!

ASAP Mario Navarro says:

what about weed eaters, backpack blowers, and chainsaws? maybe get a GoFundMe going

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