4 Way Lawn Care Blower Comparison – Redmax 8500 vs Stihl BR 700 vs ECHO 770T vs Maruyama BL9000

Hey gang, here is an in depth review on the Top 4 professional backpack blowers for the lawn and landscape pro. I took some time on this one and went into every detail I could regarding what blower makes the best sense for the pro user.

We also covered the brand new Maruyama BL 9000 backpack blower, which is the worlds first 1,000+cfm backpack blower. They were kind enough to send it out to us for review, and after using it for a month, I am happy to report that it is an absolute monster. I will make sure to leave a card in the video and a link at the end, so you can check out the individual review on the Maruyama BL 9000.

What is your guys favorite backpack blower in the pro line up?? Are you a Redmax guy, STIHL, ECHO, or are you evaluating picking up a Maruyama? Love to hear your guys thoughts! Leave a comment down below!!

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Tony Michel says:

When using the Maruyama BL9000 vs the Redmax 8500, is the power difference noticeable right away?

Alex the Railfanning Redneck™ says:

So I just wasted over 16 minutes of my life To watch some guy talk about blowers and not actually demo them. Waste of time.

Misha Crum says:


Content Updating says:

Is the BL9000 really that much more powerful than the Redmax? Is it noticable? Will it matter?

BOBO Gaming says:


Ridin' Green says:

The Maruyama does in fact have airflow on your back. It doesn’t blow it out from the fan onto your back, it sucks air in through the channels in the back padding and then in through the center hole in the mesh at the back. It will full with debris if you are in dirty conditions so you have to clean the mesh out now and then.

demo Cam says:


Victor Rippe says:

Guys we better start getting ready cause they are starting to crack down on banning the blowers and that is going to kill us the more powerful our blowers are getting the louder they are becoming they are starting now in west palm beach fla they want to bann them this is a topic that we really should start talking about cause we are in really big trouble if they start banning the blowers i had a lady last week call the police on me cause she was complaning of how loud my blower is and i have a echo 770 that is not as bad as others that ive heard.

Sgtqman19 says:

Stihl hands down. Professional Landscaper for about 7-8 seasons. We run the BR600, 3 of them. We are in Albuquerque and have a lot of rock yards. Our blower is our main tool. We run each blower every day for about 4-6hrs a day 5 days a week. During run time 95% is done at FULL throttle. In 103 Degree summer weather to 30 degrees is winter. They easy last 4 seasons no break downs just a tune up because we like our machines running perfectly. We might switch to the 700 we have to see. The 600 gives a far higher mph which works better getting stuff out of the rock.

C&I Lawn Care says:

Which blower is the lightest in order?

mitchell shoda says:

which weingartz do you use

Hugheslawncare says:

Where is husqvarna?

James Krichbaum says:

Ask Weingartz to stock Maruyama.

Jason says:

husqvarna 580bts!!!

Johnny Leo says:

I also heard huskavarnia makes quality machines.

JAMRV kids says:

I’m still using my Stihl BR 420, don’t ask me the hours, but it’s a bunch. Also have a FS 55 string trimmer, both are over 11 years old and still going strong, haven’t heard back from Echo yet about testing some of their equipment. Edger and other equipment is in the ballpark of 6 to 7 years old. I am enjoying your videos Brian, keep up the good work.

Jason says:

they need to make a blower with 1250cfm and 250mph then you don’t have to worry about swapping tips and yadda yadda yadda. it will work great for anything and everything.

Content Updating says:

Aren’t concentrator nozzles already available?

cash man says:

Nice/informative video man!!   I’ve had a marayama bl8500 for about 10 years and it’s great, never had to do a thing to it.  Fixing to add a bl9000 to it for heavy leaves this fall.  hoping it’s got a Kawasaki engine like my older bl8500..

travis10ist says:

i have husqvarna 580bts, basically redmax EBZ8500 with different skin color but Husqvarna need to work some mirror issue but not big deal… i love it so far… Sametime Will like to try out mayauma BL9000 one day.

Nick D'Annunzio says:

My favorite blower featured in this video is the BL9000 Maruyama

jim franklin says:

Enjoy your videos Brian.I have the Stihl BR 600 and like it but would like something stronger.Looking at the Maruyama and Shindaiwa  including RedMax but called 4 different RedMax dealers listed on the RedMax website and not one of them keep or sell the RedMax but tell me they have the Husquavarna brands.RedMax seems to be a great blower but not sold around here.What is your opinion on the Shindaiwa EB802?Thanks

William Johnson says:

Stihl is the best. End of story.

Steve Carlson says:

I had a Stihl BR700 and sold it to buy a Redmax 8500. I’m glad I did it

Grupo Oropezado says:

I have a echo 770t …love it

Alexander Goushy says:

My redmaxs have that side handle on the left(not a trigger on the blower nozzle) it’s an arm with a thing that you pull up and push down. Better and more professional than a trigger.


Stihl , toss the rest

chuckccfd9 says:

I like my br600 and my br700 i got rid of the echo I bought within 30 days mph is great but I need volume for pine needles also wasn’t built as well as they used to be back when my dad was an husky snapper echo dealer that’s when there were good but that’s just my opinion

Gerry's Green Landscaping says:

I love my husqvarna 150BT, but I do want to upgrade to either Redmax,Maruyama or Echo. Iv tried the redmax 7500 and 8500 I like the power they have but the kill switch Im not a big fan of. I would like to try out the Maruyama and Echo for sure next year 2018.

Thomas James says:

Br 700

A Cut Above says:

Always been an Echo guy and always will be But open to trying other brands to get the feel

DxG ToxjQ says:

Echo 770 is the best for cleaning out beds. The 230mph just shreds up leaves stuck deep inside of shrubs. This is perfect if you are using a mower to mulch and suck up leaves. Other blowers higher cfm is better if you are moving piles of leaves across the lawn, which is perfect if you use a leaf loader.

Daniel Albarran says:

i have a kawasaki tk65 blower

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